By argh - 13/03/2010 00:19 - United States

Today, after going to the doctor to have him look at a rash on my man bits, I asked him how to get rid of the redness. He shrugged and said: "Don't worry, nobody will see it other than you and me." He's right. FML
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FYLDeep 25

"Hey girl, want to see my man bits?"

Shitty luck dude just wait everybody gets their time sooner or later


well at least it's not something to worry about. it could have been much worse dude!

only thing that made this fml funny, the part were you said: he's right. lol way to shoot yourself down

YourEvilHero 12

how the **** did you get a rash down there????

crackiebob 0

having sex with people that look like you 37

DanceGirl01 0

#37 brings up a good point. If no one is looking at your "bits" you probably got the rash from bad hygiene. If so, YD to have your bits ignored by the rest of the population.

hhaalleeyy95 0

Well my advice is go get somee.

jakkanarchy 0

thats why he said it dumbass.

Felendris 0

@43, go **** off. Seriously. And OP: He honestly didn't mean that I think. I'm pretty sure it just came out wrong.

43- hahahahaha oh man u just made my day I love u.

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43... you win at life. go make yourself a pie and shove someones face in it,you glorious human being. lul I was **** for a sec, I'm back!

FYLDeep 25

"Hey girl, want to see my man bits?"

FYLDeep 25

I believe that line was stolen from Lady Gaga actually.

ok,get some sun maybe once every blue moon?

kk2krazee 0

Well...go get yourself a nice little prostitue and prove him wrong.

ydi for being a pussy an never getting tail.

HamsteronA 0

have you applied coconut oil to your genitalsbefore?

probably uses coconut oil cause her fire hair Burns her pussy.

iluvjk13 0