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No. I KNOW you already realized it. Don't say you learned it, OP. You have to actually be mentally retarded to not know that already. "Today, I accidentally drank from the glass..." would be more appropriate. Also, YDI for letting a glass of milk sit for that long.

  Reyo  |  2

@66: Seconded

I won't let a glass of water sit in my room for more than a day. What kind of a slob leaves a glass of MILK out for a WEEK?

By  Timmead  |  0

Surely it would have curdled into a solid, lumpy, reeking mess by that point?
How did you fail to notice the difference?
(Sorry if you're blind and an anosmiac)

  letitbe56  |  0

I'm pretty sure the difference between fermentation and just plain spoiling is the kind of organism (in this case bacteria) that is introduced to cause the process. So yes, "different" but not "very different."