By Anon127 - United States - Taunton
Today, I learned that instead of training my cat, she has been training me. She now refuses to drink anything but running tap water, and yowls loudly early in the morning at my bedroom door to be fed. FML
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By  J1hill33  |  12

That's why dogs are better.

By  J1hill33  |  12

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  Il_Maestro  |  6

I prefer elephants. They paint you pictures, share your love for peanuts, can carry you around effortlessly, and can even spray you with water on hot days.

Besides, no one will pick a fight with you. That bumper sticker that says "Bitch, I have an elephant" tells everyone that you mean business.

  KM96  |  24

Yep ... Everyone just owns a elephant these days ...
But in my country, a trainer of an elephant just got killed. So maybe not the best option

  chemchic  |  7

I love my dogs and I will never enjoy being around cats since I'm severely allergic. I automatically think dogs are better but I haven't spent any time around cats so I guess my reasoning is biased :)

  l23VIVE  |  17

Twenty nine just earned my respect... Though i prefer cats over dogs because cats (well unless it's my cat Ranger) don't bark at people and keep me up all night

  truth_spitta  |  0

41, your cat barks? O.o

Anyways...a lot of people dont like cats because 9/10 times (yes I'm making a generalization) you have to get the cat when it is a kitten and raise it and earn its love and affection rather then just getting it from the start

  aleeshttylXD  |  9

one time i was walking my dog to my aunts house (which is only like, 10 houses away,) and she was unleashed, a cat decided to run over to my dog and attack her. i hate them now.


Lol, you just gave me one reason to like dogs! I'm not fond of that knock on the door followed by "are you saved?". Though i'm still not sold on either of those pets.