By Apes - 25/03/2013 07:18 - United States - Temecula

Today, my cat learned how to open doors. Ever since then she's been running up to my room, opening my door, and running away. My cat is playing ding-dong ditch. FML
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ArielTheMermaid 17
perdix 29

Clever cat, maybe tomorrow she'll learn to use knives and, . . ., dunh, dunh, dunh!


ArielTheMermaid 17
TheRealBruce 12

That's not all bad; you try living without one.

I do live without one and it's great. Woof

I've got both cats and dogs. They both have their ups and down.

i love cats, but i could definitely live without them

ArielTheMermaid 17

I've seen enough of the Internet to know that as fun as they can be, they can also be a handful. But I actually do like cats :)

Hiawassee 9

I thought this was weird ... As we cna all see, your name is " ArielTheMermaid" & you said " cat's are assholes " I have a cat named Ariel, after the mermaid, who isn't very fond of most people ... ;) Lmfao

69, maybe 53 is your cat, have you taught her how to use the computer? Lol

cats are secretly planning to take over the world and make humans their slaves.

perdix 29

Clever cat, maybe tomorrow she'll learn to use knives and, . . ., dunh, dunh, dunh!

Hide behind the door and scare the shit out of her the next time she does that or better yet, kick the shit out of her. I agree with ArielTheMermaid, cats are assholes.

Then grab her by the tail and throw her out the window. That'll teach her not to open your door. (y)

I guess my sarcasm wasn't clear enough. My apologies. I don't actually want to trow a cat out of a window...

If you would seriously consider doing this, you need help.

JoeCookieRaider 5

How would you like it if someone hid behind your door and started kicking the shit out of you?

LO388 7

Just wait until she starts with the flaming bags of poop.

Mines at the stage of pissing on my bed.

That's pretty cool. The cats in my neighborhood are freaking scary looking heroin addicts and hide in alleys in their spare time.

purplexpinapple 11

Stoned cats that play knock-down-ginger? Cool.