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Today, I learned that if you stare down an attractive man while pumping gas, he'll stare back. Then he might ask for your number. At which point his girlfriend will get out of the car and threaten to kick your ass. FML
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  imustbeinsane  |  2

The guy should've gotten his ass kicked, he has some nerve asking women for their numbers when he has a gf, especially in front of said gf. Also the gf is stupid for not realizing she's dating an inconsiderate douche.


Today, I was just standing at the gas pump refilling the gas in my car when some random chick starting staring me down. I had no choice but to look back. It got so bad that I had to ask for her number and information so I could report her. Then all of the sudden another strange woman comes up claiming to be my girlfriend! FML

  OoLogicalOo  |  4

LOL!!! I had to make an account just to laugh at how stupid you are, he was obv. commenting on the chick with huge tits these comments are under, not you. You are too insecure to see that they look good and people aren't always talking about them. :D No your really stupid, I am still laughing at the stupidity of the comment though

  loveexgirl  |  15

Well, he was a bit rude on a different FML where he corrected me about spelling your. Who fucking cares about spelling it your, or you're. So the whole thing about not being able to spell cuz some girl has huge tits just pissed me off.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

I agree with you about him being a hypocrite. However, there is a huge difference between "your" and "you're" and it does matter, especially to someone like me who reads a lot. (And no, I am not saying that in a mean way at all!!! I just mean that when you read a lot, it makes it harder to just overlook spelling/grammar errors because it makes you see the whole comment differently. It's hard to explain.)

  shannonreneee  |  11

49, it's the Internet. If you can't handle people saying "mean" things on here how will you ever survive in the real world? Move on, this is FML, people are rude because they can. Have a problem with that? The simply don't comment. Easy.

By  Parazad  |  16

Quick glances only, OP. Anymore than that is just plain creepy.

  jacksonclarke  |  0

If someone was continuously quickly looking at me and looking away I'd be much more creeped out than just some chick who was obviously just checking out my complete sexiness.

  OakChair  |  14

Either way, it'd be creepy... Constant staring or quick glances, you're being closely watched by someone you don't know. We're assuming OP is attractive, but .. it's still staring unabashedly.