By iprobablyhaveherpes - 20/10/2010 04:47 - Australia

Today, I was casually looking through my girlfriend's phone while she got ready, though she made me promise not to. To my confusion, I discovered that she had me listed as 'Saturday' in her contacts. There was also a Thursday, Friday and Sunday listed. I only ever see her on Saturdays. FML
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This is where you simply switch up all those numbers and have her basically reveal it to everyone herself.

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ouch. maybe you should dump her. looks pretty clear that she has other weekly hookups besides you. if you do though, don't mention the phone. otherwise, you'll be at fault and seem like the insensitive one to others.


I guess you must have misunderstood when she said the arrrangement was "non-"exclusive!

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aw that sucks. on the bright side though, at least you're Saturday; the best day of the week.

haha good call, Saturday is where it's at so I guess that means u are too! btw never go through a girls phone unless u want them going through urs..

I don't care if we may be hiding stuff. You don't go through other peoples phones... they are personal and private. Mine is like a computer. Personally I have nothing to hide from my boyfriend but it drives me nuts when people go through others phones!

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haha totally sux for you! you should insist on seeing her on Friday.

I agree with 75, I'm fine with my girl going thru mine coz I have nothing to hide, just as long as she doesn't chNge anything then what's the problem? so what if it's private? she's my other half n I'd rather lose a bit of privacy for the sake of showing her I'm not hiding anything from her..

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If mine looks though my phone I look through hers.

Ayame, I feel there would be other ways to find out if your partner is cheating. I'm not going to go through every boyfriends phone to find out if they are playing me, that would be silly. I also trust people until they give me a reason not to. It's like your telling me to investigate any partners phones for any sign of cheating.

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I agree with Jennifra. Yes, Ayame01, privacy IS that important to me. Let me elaborate: When I was in highschool my parents ALWAYS looked through my email. They didn't like me doing the myspace thing so they hacked on it every day, forwarded my emails to their address, and took away my door when I wouldn't take down my myspace page. Now I know that's excessive, I now am very sensitive about my privacy. Flash forward. I have never EVER even TRIED cheating on any guy. But I have had 2 that have looked through every text message I have, checked every contact, and one of them even hacked onto my facebook and read all of my messages. Moral of the story: Quite frankly, if you "just casually" look through someone's phone without their permission, you have MEGA trust issues and really should work them out before embarking on a relationship. Because while this ex was a bitch, OP WILL ruin future relationships because he doesn't understand privacy boundaries. THE END

You seriously need to consider using better passwords, scan your PC for key loggers before logging onto stuff. Cause "hacking" your stuff as you call it is them guessing your horribly easy passwords. Don't answer security questions correctly, and use a R34LlYG00d password.

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Is she Sweet Lou's sister or something?

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go get checked. you are probably a card carrying H club member.

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look at the bright side now you can do the same go find a Friday and sunday

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Good one, zkchild. I wondered the same thing.

#90 just casually looking through someone's phone = "MEGA trust issues"? Yeah looking for a funny text message and/or picture just means you trust no one but yourself and are completely cynical. Dumbshit.

At least she doesn't call you that. Now that would be awkward! :)

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Privacy only matters when you have something to hide. In a close relationship matter.

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holy shit I would ******* kill them btw how did you find all this out?

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I'ma playa I'ma playa I'ma, I'ma playa...oh oh oh I'ma playa! la la la la

Thank you for pointing that out, #121. I agree.

Well.. I guess you shouldn't have broken your promise! Hah

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ouch. maybe you should dump her. looks pretty clear that she has other weekly hookups besides you. if you do though, don't mention the phone. otherwise, you'll be at fault and seem like the insensitive one to others.

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While yes, the girl is a bitch, he still should NOT have looked through her phone. That alone is an invasion of privacy but it is multiplied by the fact that she specifically asked him not to.

I'm sorry, I disagree #129, but I think he had every right to look through her phone. If they are already sleeping together, there is nothing more private in the world than that So if she doesn't hide her naked self from him, why should he not have access to anything else? It was obvious she was keeping things from him because she didn't want him seeing her phone. The ***** needs to be called out. OP should call these other "days" and fill them in, it's the least he can do, and then break her phone into pieces, followed by the worst break up he can think of!

So just because I'm sleeping with my boyfriend he should have access to my phone, my e-mail, my mail, you know, everything that I consider private? It would be totally fine for him to just pry around on my social sites (like facebook) or my computer history just because we're sleeping together? Even if I trust him with seeing me naked, I still like having privacy. You don't suddenly become one entity with no personal space once you begin sleeping with each other. Now, I'm not defending the girl, but I'm also not very pleased with the OP making a promise to not pry into her personal affects and then breaking it.

the only reason she made him promise was because she was hiding the fact that she is sleeping around with other guys. the girl is a ******* bitch who needs to be dumped and the guy is fortunate he was able to find this out before anything got too serious with her. also everyone is entitled to their privacy and bf/gf or not u shouldn't go thru their stuff however if ur not hiding anything serious (like this) there shouldn't be anything to worry about. stay faithful ppl!

why cant ur bf look through ur phone if u dont got nothing to hide

you obviously have something to hide if you don't want your boyfriend going through your phone.

#137 So should I give my girlfriend my bank account information and pin just because i sleep with her? What's wrong with you?

Because some people respect privacy, that's why. So you'd be OK with everyone (your parents, strangers, partner) checking your every social media, ever message, everything you ever did? You have nothing to hide, no? Or it's just that you're insecure and controlling that you think your partner should let you spy on them and invade their privacy?

I hate that logic, why don't we put cameras on every room of everyone's house of every house on the planet, what? Your not doing anything illegal to hide Such a shit argument

My boyfriend is allowed use my phone because he knows what he can and can't look at. He knows not to read my messages or look at my photos. Most of what I have to hide is to do with gifts for him. Also my friends have secrets that they might prefer he didn't know. Privacy in a relationship is not a bad thing. It's actually very healthy in that regard.

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Now that is a classy lady! At least she takes a break during the week. :)

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Do you like replying to my comments? LOL.

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I thought today was the 'leave a random reply on one of FFML's comments' day, now I'm confused. Oh well, I'll just leave my random reply then, hi! :)

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It's OK, Ayame. Damn! I didn't know there was such a day. This opens up the doors for people to say whatever they want to me without any backlash. I wonder how many times I'll be called a bitch?

homotastic peniscakes. thats my random comment on FFML for the day too :D

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Probably 3.141592 times FFML, but that's just a wild guess so don't take my word on that. Anyway, I don't think the rules stated that there couldn't be any backlash, but to be honest, I didn't really pay attention to the memo! :D

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Anna, personally, I don't think you piss off quit "enough" people! You should probably work on that! (:

I promise I will NOT reply to your post.

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HAHA! Not enough people? You are the first person to ever say that, Q. Ayame, thank you! You're sweet. Doc, WTF! Get off my post if you have nothing to say. (GR)

I told you, I'm off and won't respond. Honest.

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it's only natural to be curious about the things that are off limits. Most times when someone tells you not to look somewhere it's because they are hiding something. I don't think I would have broken my promise but I also wouldn't make the promise unless I fully trusted her reasons. good luck and hope you don't got the HIV.

Be happy, that she hasn't "Saturday1", "Saturday2" and so on, so you're one of the seven people she can be dating ;) By the way, maybe Tuesday is her client, and Wednesday is her boss, whereas Thursday is her mom and dad's phone. And, logically, Saturday is her boyfriend. The only one boyfriend she's dating with.

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no..just no. who names people by week names anyways? much less their parents, friends, etc.

I love how you threw "logically" in there to convince everyone that made sense. Are you suggesting she only has seven contacts? Or that she only works or sees her parents one day a week? Or that she only has one client? Days of the week would be an incredibly ineffective way to sort your contacts.

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that's how they do it in soviet Russia. but seriously that would b a nice thing for op if naming people by days of the week was logical

the word "logically" here is to add some sarcasm. Sincerely yours, C.O.

and C.O. stands for Captain Obvious. Sincerely yours, C.O.

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lol that's funny... smart girl.!

This is where you simply switch up all those numbers and have her basically reveal it to everyone herself.

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omfg. that would be an epic win.

stole the words out of my mouth! nice one :)

This OP, please do this? :D (it's definitely something Dexter would do)

or call up all her booty calls to one place where you guys are going!!! that would be epic!!!

Nah, #12's idea is way more epic. Yours is just funny.

this is probably THE best course of action. kudos. |the kid|

do this. you will be remembered for ever