By a hex upon your anus, sir - 25/05/2013 16:14 - United Kingdom

Today, I got on the subway with a broken leg. A kind woman stood up and offered me her seat. Before I could sit down, a guy shoved past me and took it for himself. The woman and I pointed out my cast and crutches, and asked him to give up the seat. He responded by flipping us off. FML
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I hope you took a swing at him with your crutch... or at least let it rest on his foot.

fake fall on the floor and scream in agony. cry a little and blame him for everything.


I hope you took a swing at him with your crutch... or at least let it rest on his foot.

The same thing happened to me when I broke my leg, I ended up "accidentally" "falling" into the side of the chair every 30 seconds until he gave me it.

Yeah or stomp on his foot with your crutch. What an a-hole . Some peoples kids.

The audacity of people... Shove that crutch into his throat.

hugozac88 22

I guess butt holes have priority seating.

CubanBitchh 10

Am I the only one that read OP's username..? o.o

72, just saw his username! Let me rephrase. Hex him by shoving your crutches in his anus.

Or you could just flip him off back, but if all else fails, give him a crutch to the face.

RrubiksCuber 6

You guys do realize that if op hit the guy, he (the guy) could defend himself and fight back. He would probably kick your ass too, considering he has one more working leg. People don't think things theough.

fake fall on the floor and scream in agony. cry a little and blame him for everything.

It's a subway, not a football match.

Most likely a soccer match...

39, you have to realize that this is from the UK making football the correct term. Not "American football"

#39 He didn't say American Football, now did he?

Or a Miami Heat basketball game

rttr 18

Hey! Dwayne wade only flops, like, 7 times a game

How does OP deserve this?

"YDI for being careless and breaking your leg."

#5 People don't always break their leg by being careless. You don't even know his story so don't assume it was his fault.

Jelbeztok 17

I don't think he was being serious..

#14 He deserved it for having weak legs. YDI for not whacking him with the crutches.

#14 he was being sarcastic

I thought it was obvious, YDI for having legs.

lishajoy777 14

Yes! "Darn you for not being legless... its your fault you have them anyways!"

Time to give him a cast and crutch of his own

AboveAll04 14

How far do you think you can shove your crutch up his ass? I think a foot would work

Adjust the notches an go as far as it will take

i wouldnt want my foot in there... if its the good one and gets stuck, you're screwed, other foot gets stuck? ouch :p

This seems to happen a lot on subways, I've noticed.

Kind woman offering up her seat; Faith in humanity 2 Asshole stealing said seat; -2 Add flipping you off; -4. Focus on the kindness, its still worth more notice. :)

You should have felt free to take a seat. Assholes like that usually have no other purpose than making makeshift crippled seating arrangements.

Unfortunately this is the world we live in. Karma will get him hopefully.

What the fuck is wrong with some people?! Also, how the hell does the OP deserve this?

Some people accidently click on YDI. It's happened to me a couple of times when I'm on mobile.

lishajoy777 14

Didn't you know he apparently deserves it for having legs..

This happens to me so often that I feel that the YDI and your life sucks buttons should be very far away from each other. Yes, I accidentally YDI this post:(