By Ouchhh - 25/05/2010 06:54 - United States

Today, I leaned back and bumped into one of my mom's plants in the window. The good thing was that I caught it before it fell and shattered. The bad thing was that my mom likes to keep cactii in the window. I can still feel thorns I haven't managed to pluck out yet. FML
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So instead of feeling like a prick for breaking your mom's plant you felt the prick for saving it. I hope for your sake it wasn't one of those cacti with the ultra-fine thorns in it. Those are the worst to get out!


lol, if you hate cacti #1 they will fond you and do what they did to OP to you

#8 I thought the point of those jokes was to say the opposite of what happened but op didn't drink a cacti did he?

The Soviet Russia thing has gotten older than dirt. it's just lame. should let it die a graceful death. in Soviet Russia they would just shoot it.

There's not even a Soviet Russia anymore! Jeez people.

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Haha. cacti's are awesome but they are a little prickly side

Watch out for those man-eatin' jackrabbits and killer cacti...

I hate cacti cuz I use to love it but it always hurt me when I tried to give it hugs and kisses

so you knocked it down and got pricked, that's not a fml where i live, Saudi Arabia, that's what we call justice.

21, no shit, thanks for the update

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In Soviet Russia, dirt has gotten older than you! Bwah ha ha!

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lmao,,,,,,, lammmmmme! corrrny!

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sounds like a prickly situation???

u should have let it dropped and took a beating from ur mom

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an outstanding performance from Captain Obvious!!! give it up everyone!!!

*awkward silence* Erm....yeah.... *claps slowly*

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Because there are a lot of thorns. Some of them are tiny and not easily seen, but felt, non-the-less.

Ya cuz why wouldn't you feel a thorn in your body if you haven't taken it out