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Today, I went to a restaurant for lunch. The waiter brought some bread and I started eating it as I waited for him to take my order. When he approached me he looked at me and said, "Don't eat too much bread honey. It'll make you fatter." Not fat, fatter. I never thought of myself as fat. FML
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So don't tip him? You're probably reading too much into it. He probably didn't mean it that way.

The waiter had absolutely no right to say that. I would have left the restaurant if I were you. You didn't tip him, did you?


So don't tip him? You're probably reading too much into it. He probably didn't mean it that way.

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I agree in the no tip, thing, but I would probably make a complaint. Whether he meant it that way or not, that is really shitty customer service.

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No, no! There's a perfectly logical reason for his saying that, that no one here seems to have addressed. "Fatter" doesn't necessarily mean that you're fat now. It just means that you will be less thin than you were before. If a 50 pound person gained one pound, they'd be fatter, wouldn't they? Not fat at all, but fat-ter. In that line of thought, he was actually telling you that you would get fatter if you ate too much bread (which is true) but he wasn't calling you fat at all!

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No, they wouldn't be fatter they would be heavier. Muscle and bone count as weight too, you know?

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@36 That is the stupidest logic I've ever heard.

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nettlekid: so someone who gains 20 pounds of muscle is fatter? nice logic, retard.

Sorry 36, looks like I'm the only other person with some semblance of common sense to agree with you. Too bad EVERYONE ELSE, including the person the person that posted the fml, doesn't see our way. Example for all the haters: This bike is slow. I want to go FASTER. I can barely hear the music. Make it LOUDER. I'm a midget. I want to grow TALLER. I want some bread. But it will make me FATTER. The bike isnt already fast, the music isn't loud, the midget isn't ******* tall, and YOURE NOT FAT. Nuff said, and ill kill anyone who disagrees

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Spit on the bill and walk away.

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Yeah, 71, because eating bread is DEFINITELY going to gain the muscle instead of actual fat. Geez, you are all idiots (with the exception of people like 79 or 20.) All explanations have exceptions in other circumstances, but in the circumstance that I have explained the waiter's actions in, it justifies it! 79 has it just right.

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you guys are seriously idiots.

#79 gets it right. F OP's Life for having bad logic.

lol @ 36 and 79 You can't be any more imbecilic than you already are. OH wait. YOU CAN! see wut i did thare?

Your logic is actually quite sound. These ppl don't seem to get that eating a lot of bread will most likely turn to fat. Not muscle, and definitely NOT bone. This is especially true if eaten at dinner when you are more likely to just go home after and sleep. Carbs at night are a no no. However, the OP and A LOT of ppl here are SUPER sensitive and self conscious because I am willing to bet the server was kidding and only joked with the OP because he/she thought the OP was NOT fat. Ppl really need to lighten up. I serve and bartend and I joke with customers all the time. Most get it, some don't; but I can usually tell who the lames are and don't joke with them. If the server thought you were even a little bit overweight he/she would most likely have not said anything at all. So stop being so self conscious. And for those that said not to tip/complain/walk out on a bill need to serve for a month or two so they can realize what that actually does to the server...

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I love FML comments. 79 = right. 88 = lol.

how about you shut the **** up, get off the ******* internet, and grow a ******* brain??? Thanks, Dumbass

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man does not live on bread alone

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@ EVERYONE TRYING TO MAKE SUCH A HUGE DEAL OUT OF THE LOGIC OF "FATTER:" it really DOESN'T MATTER if he was calling her fat or not. The thing that matters is that he made a comment about what she was eating. That's not his job; even if bread were to do any of what you were talking about above (i.e. make you fatter), then there's no reason he would need to say so! This doesn't make in an FML, but a shitty job at providing coustomer service.

#44- eating bread doesn't give you muscle and bone. You would be fatter.

yeah, muscle weighs much much more than fat

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i'm sure you're not fat at all, don't even worry about it hun

&beestmode: Ummm ur examples make logical sense except it doesn't really make sene in this context. OPs interpretation is right.

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Beestmode360, can you kill me first?

To 138 - Part of a waiter's job IS actually to make small talk. It's weird talking to strangers. Sometimes you say things you don't mean or word them weirdly. Shit happens. Waiters are people too.

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He's looking out for the OP, why would you nto tip him for trying to help? Your the only asshole here #2

Because a server should never make a remark like that to a customer. Never. I wouldn't even think of saying a word to a morbidly obese customer who orders a platter meant for two people, and I've seen it happen. They pay for the food, and for me to bring it to them with a smile, not for a snooty attitude. No tip for you!

It doesn't matter whether she tipped him or not anyway. She's in Europe (Spain specifically), and tips aren't compulsory there like they are in the US. Waitstaff actually get paid a salary that isn't reliant on tips.

I wouldn't pay for lunch after that.

The waiter had absolutely no right to say that. I would have left the restaurant if I were you. You didn't tip him, did you?

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Yeah the standard for professionals these days has lowered

Ouch, lol. Maybe your standard of fat is different than his? :P

Eh, people have different ideas of what fat is. I'd say that (for women) if you're under size 12, you're not fat, but some people believe that anything above size 6 is fat

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if you're 5'7 and 125 you're getting big. or "curvy". However you want to call it.

Muscle weighs more than fat, just to let you know.

yeah, you have little chicken wing flab on your arms. If you walk/ride bikes/do things those go away.

haha, you're stupid, i bet you're fat coldhands.

Coldhands, please take your pro-ana shit elsewhere. This is an entertainment website, go be an anorexia recruiter somewhere else.

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tomboy your so pretty and your heeelllla skinny

What-? 5'7" and 125 is not at all "big". For godsake. You must like 'em so anorexic that if they trip and fall, their bones sound like a mouthful of Capn Crunch.

5'7" and 125 lbs and you're still size 4~6? I'm the same height and weight and I'm size 0~2. Not only that, but 5'7" and 125 lbs is most certainly not underweight. You're not considered underweight until you get to 118, and you have to go below 110 to really be considered underweight. Keep trying, you're not there yet.

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@rosalind Okay, you clearly can't read: she said she was 17% body fat (which is low for an athlete, much less an average person -- classified as "underfat"... just do a google search). That makes her underweight for all intents and purposes. However unlike all you anorexic freaks commenting, she's done it by being an athlete not starving herself. Also, body types differ. She also said she had ass and hips and boobs... she's curvy and in great shape it seems! (and Tomboy-- from the looks of it... you've got a lucky new husband!) Pant size has to do with hips and while you women do it arbitrarily with numbers that don't mean anything... 4-6 is a 0-2 in some stores and a 8 in others... I know this because my girlfriend bitches everytime she makes me go shopping with her! She's got pants of all sizes... it just depends on the brand it seeems. and from my opinion, they all seem to fit her ass the same... so whatever. and anyway, after like 2 sec of googling, it says that for a small frame, 5'7'' is 123-136... so she's on the super low end of small... youre pretty dumb.

ummm 41 im 5'6 and 135 pounds and am not considered fat. i have muscle and thats why i weigh the way i do.

That description gave me a boner, Tomboy. O.O

stop bragging about your body you probs made that shit up "oh yeah i have a huge dick that girls kill eachother just to look at"

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@Im_too_godly poor bastard. you must of missed the pic Tomboy linked.

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Blechhh. I'm a size 4 and not fat at all, but I guess men like you prefer us to all have no hips, no ass, and no ****. It's cool, more women for me!

I would of been speaking to someone's manager and left no tip, and got up and left right away.

No WAY! it's hard to believe this one and i'm not one to cry fake. Tips are a waiter's bread and butter (no pun intended) a comment like that would obviously jeopardize the income, and possibly his job if this girl complained to his boss (which i really hope she did!). maybe it was a dare? maybe he wanted to get fired??? crazy

Not in Spain, where the OP lives. Here waiters have a pretty decent salary, so we tip only when we feel like it is deserved (or if we have change to spare).

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Uh, that is inappropriate and you should have reported him to the manager. Prob fake anyways.