By Username / Friday 15 July 2011 19:51 / United States
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  daisyloo  |  7

Well, since you were sleeping under the window sill where the cactus was, I'm guessing you were sleeping outside. When you fall asleep outside, bad things are bound to happen. FYL:(

  knocking  |  0

Now, I don't know these things - I'm not a fan, but if you've read the book shouldn't you already know what happens? Or do they change a bunch of things for the movie?

  fckdupzf  |  0

plants don't grow up in the air on it's own. it was planted in a pot and the pot must have landed along with the plant. therefore he needs a surgeon to fix the distorted face.
I had a friend who lost one of his eye and had to go through a long surgery. his situation is quite similar to this fml

  knocking  |  0

It could have been a cheap plastic pot and therefor didn't cause any additional damage (besides the needles from the cactus). And even if it was a heavy pot, it doesn't necessarily mean OPs face is messed up. I'm sorry about your friend, but he needed surgery after a similar situation doesn't mean that everyone who goes through something like this will.

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