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Today, the plant on my windowsill fell and landed in my face while I was napping. It's a cactus. FML
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your cactus just wanted to give you a friendly hug

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but the real question is " what knocked it over?" u must be a violent sleeper.

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Yeahhh... i usually choose not to put a cactus on a thin windowsill right above me...

isn't putting thorns inside of you therapeutic

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and this is why cati are not a good idea for and home decoration

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the moment you realize you're terrible at finding places to nap and that cacti are ******* stupid things to have in your house: priceless.

#51, I don't think thorns are what most people like to insert inside themselves.

haha must have been watching hellrasier

Well, since you were sleeping under the window sill where the cactus was, I'm guessing you were sleeping outside. When you fall asleep outside, bad things are bound to happen. FYL:(

idontcare8l 3

you know there are window sills inside ( above your bed maybe )

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What were you doing putting your face near cacti..?

133, didn't you read the FML? FaceTime is with Apple. we're talking about cacti here, not apples! D:

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51 is talking about acupuncture and making a joke about it doy!

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at least it wasn't an anvil that said oops on the side

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is someone praying for you?

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haha, not sure anyone else got that.

so there I was, taking a nap, minding my own business. . . .

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LOLOLOL #78 got me bad on that one! I always laugh when I hear that quote(z

Today, after falling from my thin windowsill several times my owner insisted on keeping me there so while she was sleeping I decided to fall on her face. FHL.

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Good thing most cacti aren't fataly sharp or poisonous.

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haha who even needs alarm clocks anymore... so overrated..

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oh no these plants are attacking now beware!

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omg neville longbottom killed Voldemorts snake and that helped Harry kill Voldemort!!!! and Ron's older bother, Fred, died

LMAO! That must have hurt like a bitch. Your life sucks.. Sorry OP.. Cactus face XD

Plants vs Zombies. The plants always win:p

it's happening! ehh see what I did there?

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Omg neville longbottom killed Voldemorts snake and that helped Harry kill Voldemort!!! Oh and Ron's older brother Fred and snape died:(

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nice one asshat dont read 170

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170 ******* ruined it for all of us who haven't seen it yet!!!

Way to go 170 u ruined it for all the nerds on FML.

Way to go 170 u ruined it for all the nerds on FML.

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Now, I don't know these things - I'm not a fan, but if you've read the book shouldn't you already know what happens? Or do they change a bunch of things for the movie?

I'm never reading buried comments again. 170 is a dick.

170 - Jesus chirst, you asshole! Good thing I've already read the book...

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oh woops have u guys not seen the movie yet?? well I have and I hope I didn't ruin it for ya guys

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170 - Go swallow some poisonous snakes then turn on you garbage disposal and stick your hands down it you little ******* twat

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How does that have ANYTHING to do with this FML?

I was waiting for someone to make this reference

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lol I'm less nurturing than a desert....that's not true....ladies hahaha

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obesekitten, you're awesome

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HAHAHAHA I love you for that. :'D

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I've missed something here. Why is that saying on YouTube and here?

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lol lol was thinking same exact thing!

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so you know that there's a cactus there with the window open,and yet you still decide to nap there? so smart

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At least you woke up to the the fresh feel of nature

u need to see a plastic surgeon asap O_O

Yes, only plastic surgeons are able to pull out cactus needles.

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So I definitely read your comment in Stewie's voice...made it 10x funnier

plants don't grow up in the air on it's own. it was planted in a pot and the pot must have landed along with the plant. therefore he needs a surgeon to fix the distorted face. I had a friend who lost one of his eye and had to go through a long surgery. his situation is quite similar to this fml

It could have been a cheap plastic pot and therefor didn't cause any additional damage (besides the needles from the cactus). And even if it was a heavy pot, it doesn't necessarily mean OPs face is messed up. I'm sorry about your friend, but he needed surgery after a similar situation doesn't mean that everyone who goes through something like this will.