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  SgtAssCheeks  |  21

Yeah no, I think OP'S got bigger issues to worry about than slapping back like, I don't know, dislodging all the needles, checking for puncture wounds, dealing with the pain of being stabbed in the face by hundreds of pointy ends, you know, stuff that happens when you get cactus slapped.

  Siererrr  |  13

I love that you just made "cactus slapped" into a thing #26. And I'm sure you work the punctured look just fine, OP! Maybe you will start a trend.

  rawr_ily96  |  24

No, OP threw something at his brother, AGAIN to get his attention, and the brother happened to be in another bad mood, so he threw a desk cactus like last time. Gosh, OP, didn't you learn the first time?

By  Morqan_Freeman  |  14

Not trying to be insensitive, but I would like to know the reason behind what happened to you OP. You could have totally deserved it, or maybe you didn't. A follow up if possible would be great.

  dgameseeker  |  12

What if OP cheated on their spouse? (Hypothetically of course) I think said spouse would have a good reason to cactus slap OP. But if OP hadn't done anything then yea there wasn't any reason to do that. So it's just normal to be curious of the backstory :)