By hannamacintosh - 28/06/2016 17:30 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I knew my relationship was basically over when my boyfriend invited me over, and I was more excited about seeing his dog than seeing him. FML
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well, dog vader is a very cute dog. I'd be more excited for him too

Don't string him along, let him go asap so he can move on..


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Let him down easy, and steal his dog

well, dog vader is a very cute dog. I'd be more excited for him too

This comment will make no sense when it's in shuffle

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... Ah. I would like to know why you asked this question. Cause it has nothing to do with OP's post xD

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Thanks for clearing it up for me :)

Basically over? ... I hope you let him (the boyfriend, not the dog) know how you feel. Keeping him around for his pet is low balling it, especially if he still thinks he's in a committed relationship.

Well that's because dogs are loyal and would never hurt us unlike humans

Don't string him along, let him go asap so he can move on..

Hey at least you don't like him because he looks like your favorite hentai character.

I know it's not easy to do but, communication, communication, communication

Oh please, you all are so easy to brush off love. Your problem is you have hit a low. Talk to the guy, see what he thinks. You where attracted to him once. Try to work it out. Put some effort into it. Buy a new dress, get your hair done. Show him you care for him. He will respond and you will have a fresh start.

Who is this "you all" you speak of, you really shouldn't generalize. It's not that "we're" easy to brush off love, it's that we understand when it isn't love anymore, and when the situation is hopeless, it's simply hopeless. Relationships take work, but when you look at your partner and really don't like them or being around them, it can be a sign to move on. You really learn and get to know a person over the course of a relationship, liking them at one point really doesn't mean much because at that point you didn't know them nearly as well. If you find yourself not enjoying being with them anymore, it's often a sign you found something about them or their personality which you do not like, is not compatible, and it simply changes your view of them. Trying to force yourself to like someone when you obviously don't can lead to resentment and anger, just exacerbating problems. And stringing people along only leads to heart break and wastes everyone's time when they could be either single and happy, or finding someone that likes them for who they are.