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By Anonymous - 25/12/2013 23:19 - United States - Lebanon

Today, I realized my family is more excited to see my girlfriend than they are to see me. FML
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At least you know they won't be against the wedding.

1. You have a girlfriend 2. Your family loves her Please just shut up and enjoy life!


At least you know they won't be against the wedding.

Exactly! This is a good thing OP. Unless you are some kind of attention *****, then its not.

I agree, this is an amazing thing. Usually after every family event I have to listen to my wife complain that she doesn't feel excepted and she's not part of the family and most of the time I wish my family would just leave me alone.

#1 Though they may side with her in the divorce.

No... I have to agree. I would be extremely happy to see my family and my girlfriend get along on that level! It would make life so much easier.

#35 don't be such a pessimist, they haven't even gotten married yet!

challan 19

That means she's a keeper, Op. They obviously can see she makes you happy. Besides... when they start getting on your nerves, you can push them off on her.

At least she's been accepted into your family! :) x

Hey that means half the in-law problems! Score!

jefrey 9

poor baby!!! Dude, if you got a girlfriend be a man then, grow up

trellz17 19

That's how it always is. Means they really like her.

dancingprancer 6

I highly doubt it. they probably just really like you two together! trust me, that's way better than the other way around. (:

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They must be very excited to see that she's still with you!

You would think that your family showing a genuine interest in her would please you.