By Anonymous - 13/03/2011 19:17 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out the reason my boyfriend dumped me was because his parents don't like the fact that I go to a prestigious university. However, they're completely accepting of the drunken slob who's dating their daughter. FML
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BlkBryMolasses 0

um, YDI because YDBetter. How's that?

you're probably better off without him then


you're probably better off without him then

iSitt 0

fml sounds like the movie Idiocracy.

persianjr1 7

hey at least you can get a Gf without selfish and loser parents now!!! haha. this isn't an fml. this is actually a good thing!!

truth, you wouldn't want to date someone with those genes

BlkBryMolasses 0

um, YDI because YDBetter. How's that?

juliaaalove 8

That's pretty much what his parents were saying. They knew OP would get dissatisfied with that loser (and were perhaps worried you would cheat on him, divorce him, etc.).

KVKdragon 26

all the better for you even if you had feelings for the guy. if the parents are stupid enough to let the trashy people into their family, then you're better off not being involved with any of them in any way. it's a win situation for you, just gotta look at it a different way :)

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I got three words for y'all, red necks

Avenged7Gabe 0

that's three words retard, learn how to count

dudeitsdanny 9

^ Read your statement again, THEN call people retarded for making a joke.

OddleKins 0

21 - I think that's part of the whole "joke". >.>

fail in with post, red necks is 2 words DA

You sir! Are a moron. I see you graduated at the top of your class. Congratulations pick up your diploma from Douche University.

Ninjasaurus18 9

That's two words, fucktard.

I never understood people like this.. who would not want the best for their child? : It seriously baffles me.

I'm going to assume this is more sexist than any other form of discrimination... they figure if she is too "edumacated" she might not follow the family tradition of being barefoot and pregnant until she hits menopause...

QueenOfBoredom 0

they dont want them there childrens to seem like durr durr durr neanderthals .

I agree it doesn't make sense but it's inverse snobbery, they're threatened by someone different to them.

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dudeitsdanny 9

I've never met a liberal inbred hillbilly. This is definitely a member of the tea party.

dudeitsdanny 9

Ooops! They're not from the US. Forget my tea party comment =3

harbqll 0

if you've never met an inbred hillbilly liberal, then you must not get out much. I see them everyday, trying to get free handouts.

AntoshaChekhonte 6

What does liberal vs. conservative have to do with this? I mean, I suppose if you hadn't used up all your stunning eloquence on 'Ohhh, liberals', you could have expounded on your point. It's OK though. After that masterful rhetoric, you're probably tired. My liberal death panels-- er, I mean, free health-care behind this door! Come find out why you're so tired and get a free sterilization to boot!

alphatoomega 21

I interpreted this as being a sarcastic imitation of the parents, not as a serious "argument". Could be wrong.

You should be happy you got rid of him.

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QueenOfBoredom 0

i ******* love your username

the boyfriend has a sister, and the sister is dating a drunk. The parents accept the drunk, but not the OP, cause shes going to a good school. make sense now?

Hey Genius! The OP is most likely referring to her now ex-bf's sister.

chocolate_gateau 0

Why does someone deserve it for being in England? This could easily have happened anywhere.. And the chances are, that as OP is of university age, it makes so much more sense for them to go to a British university rather than anywhere else.