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Today, I jokingly sent my girlfriend a link to an article about giving better head. She didn't think it was funny, and has since sent me numerous articles about the female orgasm, and I just got a link to the Wikipedia article about the clitoris. FML
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Hey, don't dish it out if you can't take it!

Look likes she ones step a head of you. I'm sure you didn't mean to rub her the wrong way, but it's a touchy subject


Look likes she ones step a head of you. I'm sure you didn't mean to rub her the wrong way, but it's a touchy subject

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Send her a link showing that only a minority of women are able to ****** through penetration, or learn how to finger. You could also send her a link on how to stimulate the male prostate...

This is great! You're communicating! Your relationship is awesome!

LOL OP's probably been 'rubbing her the wrong way' if she sent him articles.

25, I'm pretty sure that's why she sent the article explaining the ********.

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The solution is constant communication & 69...

Welp might wanna start reading then and you kinda deserved it I know you were joking but I don't think she is

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You should *jokingly* send her an article on how to handle a break up, just to see where she takes it.

At this rate, she would probably send him links about human decomposition.

No reason to break up, for all we know she was just playing along with the "joke", and OP started it anyway.

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"...*jokingly* send her an article...."

Hey, don't dish it out if you can't take it!

If only this post were about anal I could've made so many prison jokes.....

would those jokes be based on your experience, #57?

oooh I see what you did there.. becuz dishes are something we eat, like pussy

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#87 Idk about you but never eaten a dish in my life. That seems painful.

So, you got -15 likes for you comment which is the same as 4 which got 210, I'm confused

Well this might be good. Now you can communicate and learn to better pleasure each other

YDI, when someone does something like that it's special and personal. You insulted her.

I think the girlfriend has a point. If someone sent that article to me I'd try not to be too offended since they're not saying "you give shit head", maybe you're just too repetitive or something similar. Good sex is fulfilled sex. But i'd likely also respond with an article about how to give better lick outs because there's always room for improvement. If they talk this out and take it as a learning experience theyll be fine.

cryssycakesx3 22

but maybe he prefers the techniques in the article or is curious to try them. if he doesn't like what she's doing, there's no harm in making suggestions. likewise, if she doesn't like what he does, she should tell him what what she likes instead of using it as revenge.

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That's fine if he wants to try something or prefers those techniques. But if he were serious he should talk about it IN PERSON instead of passive aggressively sending article links.

I think it depends on the situation and the people involved. I joke with my girlfriend all the time about stuff like this, and she jokes right back at me. No need for either of them to get offended IMO, but then again, everyone is different.

Wow you make giving head almost sound romantic...

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I feel like if you and your girlfriend are at a point where you're having sex, you should know her better and know that she would be upset by this. You both need to talk to each other.

You do realize some people even have sex one month into the relationship. Sex means almost nothing to a lot of people now a days.

If it doesn't mean anything then usually those relationships fall apart. My sister had a fast relationship like that and she's married to the man now and has a kid. Sometimes that's how relationships go. While I will say that there's a big hook up culture right now, when you find the one you want to be with, sex with them is totally different than with anyone else.

A month ?! It's the 3 hour rule. Really though, sadly the 3 date rule is all so true around where I live . It's a sad that a lot of people I know sleep around with people they just meet like having a casual drink. Op if you are going to tell a women she gives horrible head instead of doing it in a sensitive way, then you will be getting very little from her. Oh and you may want to talk to her about how to blow her world , it'll do you worlds of good .

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Why is it sad, #44? There's nothing inherently wrong with having casual sex, as long as both partners consent wholeheartedly and take care to avoid STIs. Not everything has to be serious and involve romantic feelings, sometimes it's fun to be spontaneous and enjoy being intimate with someone you don't know that well.

So you're fine with sending her the link but not receiving one back? Why send it if you don't like how it feels either?

I think it's more than him not liking getting sent a link sounds like he doesn't know what he's doing and he found out in a bad way.

37, Don't you think that's how the girlfriend interpreted the first message?

Retaliate with an article about how to communicate better. Yeah, that won't be an instant loss!