By Anonymous - 15/05/2009 15:18 - United States

Today, I jokingly told my boyfriend that I could never marry him because he's a Yankees fan. He told me he could never marry me because he couldn't see himself having a terrible love life for the rest of his life. He was serious. FML
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Ouch. You didn't deserve that. Guess there goes your relationship

and yet you're wearing a B-sox cap in your picture #16 -_-


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owned. also, first.

at least he didn't say terrible sex life

dont joke around with us then...

YDI for dating a Yankees fan.

Tell him that makes two of you, then kick him to the curb.

Ouch. You didn't deserve that. Guess there goes your relationship

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Wait... He couldn't have a terrible love life? Wait so he want a terrible love life? Err...

YDI for being terrible at sex

its stupid how every fml like this ppl say "YDI for being terrible at sex". -__- . sex is cool but it doesnt make love. fyl op

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Ok so heres the solution post your pic on craigslist and say something to the effect of I need to have lots of sex so I can get good at it so my boyfriend will marry me. You could also read books and learn some stuff, but the best way to get good is really and truly just to sleep with as many people as you can

And that was when you dumped him, right?

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ooohh you got BURNED!!!!!

can I just say I

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he chose yankees over you