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By  Roseicat  |  16

HAHA!!!! thats nasty :L

By  Compass  |  0

Eh, you deserve it. Even I dont cover my mouth when I sneeze in private away from things that people will touch without washing their hands afterwards. And you need to improve your sneezing habits. Sneeze into your arm/shoulder.

  him51772  |  0

Ya except its not necessary to immediately wash yur shoulder/arm all the time whereas if yur at work in any kind of food place your hands are not an option, and tissues rarely are either. Washing is also not always 100% effective as most ppl rush through it to get on with their day, therefore i must disagree with you and say yur wrong

  htownlove  |  0

I hate people like u that give a whole lesson on a comment. trust me, no one cares!! go be a smartass somewhere else. I'm proven to be gifted and talented but I don't be showin it off