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Today, I saw a large spider carry away the body of a dead spider in the bathroom. In my anthropology class, we learned one of the first signs of civilization is caring for the dead. First, they become civilized, and next, they take over. I will never sleep again. FML
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OP here and I find it really funny that the people without a frickin' sense of humour are calling *me* stupid. (Not to mention when said assholes appear to be illiterate...) Yes, I know it is probably going to eat it - seeing as next time I went in there the spider had gotten smart enough to stop and wrap up its dinner to make it easier to carry, lol. (Problem solving abilities now? hmmmmmm lol) And, let's see... I was obviously in college at one point, so I would hope some of you would realize that means I'm educated. Please learn to take a joke. I'm just happy I finally got an FML accepted. And, of all of them it was a joke about one spider carrying off a "wounded comrade". And I saw someone did allude to the fact I must have left the dead one as a warning to the others. Muahahahahaha. *AND* maaaaybe this was a carefully staged display on their part to turn the tables and send *ME* a warning that they won't be dealt with so easily - that there are always MORE. *shudders* Finally, the reason there are so many spiders? I live in the basement of this house out in rural North Georgia and this scene took place in the bathroom in the back corner of said basement. So... the spiders love it there.

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Redoxx_fml 22

Spiderman spiderman friendly neighborhood spiderman


Redoxx_fml 22

Spiderman spiderman friendly neighborhood spiderman

or maybe the large spider was gonna eat the dead one?

jesscarrr 10

14- that's what I was thinking... CANNIBALISM! What does anthropology tell us about that op?

Let it bite you so you get your super powers.

iGrassYourSister 6

Maybe it was going to eat the body? Sure hope so! D:

janelly16 7

Or you could just kill it before it "takes over"

I, for one, welcome our new spider overlords.

That comment is only good because of the picture. xD

tjv3 10

Great add that to the zombies and this is going to be a great place to live

Inheritance 10

48- I'm pretty sure you'll get more than an "itchy bite". If its radioactive and poisonous, you could die.

Redoxx_fml 22

When Nick Fury surrenders you know it's over

Radioactive spiders? Damn, that would be scary as ****.

187: #169 does not get it... 188: Nick Fury is tired of partisan politics and is hoping for a spidery third-party candidate in 2012.

Nick Fury guides the Avengers... Spider-Man is an Avenger... In 2008, Spider-Man famously endorsed Obama... Spider-Man has a new movie out in 2012... 2012 is an American election year... Therefore, Marvel wants us to vote Spider-Man as write-in candidate for the presidency! ...After all, his costume is Red and Blue.

jsturaveragegirl 5

I don't even understand how this is an fml ??

Rebi3144 8

The spiders are colonizing in his/her home.

It probably means that a basilisk is hiding in yo' bathroom.

The first sign of civilization is disturbingly obvious cannibalism? Or worse yet, necrophilia?!

matthews167 0

I learned that too! You may want to save us all an buy some bug spray!

TriflingAllDay 6

Yes, and ants could take over the world at any time. We are outnumbered.

Dr0reos 8

*strokes beard* and so, it begins.

Don't those specific insects do it solely for subsistence? I know some spider newborn eat their mother at birth.

alicexo_fml 8

There are several huge ant colonies in the world that have been studied. Scientists found that the ants travel back and forth OVERSEAS. How scary is that?

mduffy08 8

They also have over sea relationships.

darf1023 3

I don't think bugspray will work. If you didn't know, spiders are not bugs, but arachnids.

TheDoctor10 28

They're still bugs, just not insects

I read that as "Taking dead loved ones and burying them so they can rest in peace? That's disgusting."

Doesn't mean it can't be disgusting.

172- I found the overtaking of OPs house disgusting.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Yeah, that's the first thing I thought of. It wasn't "caring for its dead." It was hungry. :P

Yeah, but now Op needs to worry about a carnivorous spider that's occupied her household.

That was my first thought, also. Spiders may be civilized, but not so much that they don't pass up an easy meal..,

It wasn't going to eat it. It took it home to show all the others the fate that awaits them if they do not stand and fight! they probably hate humans and are going tomobilize their forces pretty soon.

160 - all spiders are cannibals. There's probably one or two "carnivorous spiders" in your home as well. It really isn't anything one should worry about.

Euhm, yeah, spiders are cannibals. But they want their meat fresh. If the living spider killed the other one, then he is probably going to eat it. If the other one was dead already, the living spider will not take it as his meal. Thinking about it, maybe it was just the spider's skin. The difference between a skin and a dead spider is difficult to see.

Write a script, get an oscar. This story is better than Twilight!

I'm going to say that she was joking and doesn't really believe in the spider apocolypse

Mipz 2

Everything. Is better than Twilight.

I think that the spiders are reproducing more and more quickly and in places they usually would not be. I feel like it's the heat. i feel like spiders are getting smarter, like they can sense you and your intentions. they are getting bigger too, all of them. If they care for their dead and mean to take over the world... I've seen alot of Baby blackidows lately.

TheVelocirabbit 10

You're right. Think about how many of their children we've killed. Once the learn how to use weapons, it's all over.

rcgirl2 11

That sounds like one of Michael Jackson's songs.

The only weapons they need are on their face D: those fangs..

Tadeusz_fml 5

1) It was probably just going to eat it, 2) I have never got this fear of spiders. They're like the size of a large coin. What possible reason could you have to fear them?

'Cept the big ones, of course, right? They're not all coin-sized.

Tadeusz_fml 5

Big is relative. Even the big ones are only the size of our feet. Plus she lives in Georgia and this spider was in her bathroom so I doubt it.

TheVelocirabbit 10

Thanks for putting me in fear for the rest of my life.

Tadeusz_fml 5

Yeah, 12 inches, around the size of your foot, and as you said, 'can be.' Cats are far more 'dangerous' than the average spider.

mizuki123 8

This is what spiders can do to you.. Sorry for long link.

Yeah, you go get bitten by a Brown Recluse or Black Widow and tell me how "harmless" spiders are. You aren't likely to die, but you can get one hell of an infection.

I once found a 7 inch long Wolf Spider in my attic

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Yeah, what about the plate-sized tarantulas? My aunt lives in Texas, and on quiet nights you can (according to her and where she lives) hear the spiders scuttling across the ground.

Tadeusz_fml 5

You're more likely to get struck by lightning.

42- If you can name 5 more species of spider with bites with effects such as those two, I will agree with you but presenting two examples does not represent the entire spider population.

Tadeusz_fml 5

I can hear dogs barking at night but I don't live in fear of chihuahuas. Furthermore fearing all spiders because 2 relatively rare and geographically isolated spiders have the potential to make you a bit ill is like fearing tabby cats because starving tigers sometimes attack humans.

mizuki123 8

Hiimhaileypotter 52

61- Black widow spiders can kill. Take a look at these VENOMOUS spiders. There's not just TWO relatively "rare" species. Granted, this site is just for the USA, but I'm sure there's more than two different kinds of venomous spider per continent ;)

Tadeusz_fml 5

Black widows are very rare. The fact that something is poisonous does not make it dangerous unless its venom is of sufficient strength and quantity and it has a method of injecting it into humans. Spiders kill and eat flies. They do not kill and eat people. The only reason one would bite you is if you put it in your hand. Frankly being scared of the critters is cowardly.

yanksby7 6

They're not actually rare, and they're all over the southeastern US- since that's where I live, I haven't bothered to research where else they live. Furthermore, a single bite from a brown recluse can cause death or dismemberment. The only way to identify such a spider (from say, a common brown spider) is by looking for a small fiddle shape on its back-that can be about the same color as its body. Tl;dr? Kill it with fire.

I take it some of you have never heard of arachnophobia. It's the irrational fear of spiders. It's just like being scared of clowns, butterflies, or any other kind of thing in this world. Not everyone can control their fears, so being scared of spiders isn't cowardly.

easyprey 8

Hey my father in law was viciously attacked by a chihuahua.

61- yeah, well, chihuahuas don't have venomous fangs.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Neither black widows nor brown recluse spiders are "rare." Just because something only lives in a certain environment/part of the world _doesn't_ make it rare. And being afraid of things isn't cowardly, so stop being an ass.

I am so sorry for posting this... But look! Here are ten! Not five. Ten. (shudder) I hate spiders

PenguinSwag47 0

57 - More likely to get struck by lightning than what??

Hiimhaileypotter 52

88- I think 57 was saying its more likely that you'll get struck by lightning than bitten by a venomous spider. Which I'm not sure if I believe, considering the astronomical odds of getting struck by lightning. If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance; I don't claim to know everything.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Spiders just freak me out. I don't care how small they are, I don't want them crawling on me much less close to me. 54- I think I would literally piss myself.

Phobias arent rational. people are afraid of the dark, is that irrational too? what are you afraid of? yea thats what i thought.

"Scientists figure humans may be born with a fear of spiders and snakes, healthy phobias that up the odds of survival in the wild. It's not known how such an inborn fear might develop, however. Now researchers have proven that unborn crickets can gain a fear of spiders based on their mother's harrowing experiences. Scientists put pregnant crickets into terrariums containing a wolf spider. The spiders' fangs were covered with wax so the spiders could stalk but not kill the pregnant crickets. After the crickets laid their eggs, the researchers compared the behavior of the offspring with offspring whose mothers hadn't been exposed to spiders."

raraisbang 12

Just to add to the "rarity" of venomous spiders, I live in the southern united states and it is not rare at all to find a brown recluse or a black widow here. I've killed quite a few of both species, and can assure you that they are much more common than you seem to believe. A friend of mine was bitten by a brown recluse on the knee and had to have a knee replacement at 15 years of age. They are dangerous and it is in no way irrational to be frightened of them.

Gloritank 8

There were black widows all over my grandmas house when we were cleaning it up to sell.

Multiple times have I come within less than an inch of a black widow. And my dad has been bitten by recluses not once, but twice. He has huge scars. Always in Idaho for some reason.. I'm never going there!


54- you can't use that as a reference because everything is bigger in Texas.

UltimateGIRness 16

66-actually in Georgia,black widows are common.i used to go outside and kill at least 2 a day.and many of my friends had a lot of them to. Don't take this wrong and start a fight over the Internet,cause I ain't arguin,just makin a point

66 - I, for one, am scared of spiders because they look disgusting. Yes, they're relatively small, and you can easily kill them with a shoe, but I am still disgusted and terrified of even the tiniest ones. I don't have extreme arachnophobia, but I still have somewhat of an irrational fear towards spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, and other scary-looking, repulsive-looking critters lurking around our dirt.

I would like to thank this thread for amplifying my arachnophobia to such a peak I can barely think of a spider with out panicking...... Thank you.

Big, small, short, tall, it doesn't matter if you have arachnophobia like me and a lot of other people.

TheLover21795 2

Black widows may seem rare if you dont live in Alabama and didnt have a nest of them in your carport..

TheLover21795 2

Yeah I lived in Alabama and had a whole nest of them in my carport on the airforce base housing

I'm not afraid of spiders, but I would prefer them to stay out of my house. For some reason, I find mosquitoes scarier than spiders. Maybe it's because they're consciously looking for people to attack.

I think that one guy way up there got spiders mixed up with sharks. Its more likely that you'll be struck by lightning than get bitten by a shark. Also, I'm afraid of spiders simply because they're everywhere. I mean, there's a family of black widows in my mailbox for goodness sakes, and I'm in Tennessee. So yeah, they aren't very rare

Funnel web spiders have actual fangs that can punch through a leather boot. You have two hours to live. Hobo spiders often carry necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria). They are all over the place in the Seattle Portland area. Spiders can creep into your bed and attack you while you sleep. I got bit twice in one night! Even mountain lions won't do that. Spiders are fearsome.

Beranii 5

Black widows are rare? That's news to me... I found two yesterday when cleaning out my backyard so...yeah. Black widows are one of the most commonly found spiders and that's why a lot of people have a fear of them. I personally worry about my dog being bitten or something because those things can kill smaller animals I they aren't treated right away.

noelykins1 19

... 143 are you sure? I live in the Seattle Portland area and I have NEVER heard of such a spider..

from an evelutionary perspective bring afraid of the unknown pr dark is actually the safer trait. of you just walk out in the dark with no consideration today bad things can happen too. rape assault, mugging and so on. you have less of a chance defending yourself. granted the odds of something happening is small, but by eugenic scales the møre cautious will survive

Dude! Their scary sh!t when they move! It's jus creepy and I run for my life if I see a baby spider even.

You're forgetting about imports and exports. Spiders enjoy cool dark places and so often crawl into boxes being shipped all over the globe. They then escape and reproduce and are no longer isolated.

Spiders enjoy dark cool places and so often end up in boxes shipped across the globe. Not so isolated now, huh?

jay2121 3

Alright number 1. Black Widows are not "rare" just because you haven't seen many or any of them. I used to see them daily at work. Number 2. Check out the Sydney Funnel Web Spider, they will actually chase you and bite you for no reason. And if you are bitten you have about 40 minutes until you're dead if left untreated. It's also much larger than a coin.

It's not the size of spiders that make them intimidating... It's the number. There are billions and billions of them... Way too many if you ask me

RedPillSucks 31

Brown recluse is not rare. They all over where I live

9- You've obviously never been to Australia...

168- I was gonna say that!!! Deadly spiders and snakes are common place in Australia.

Sydney funnel web, red back, black house spider, white tail, wolf spider, mouse spiders are just the poisonous ones that are most likely to bite you here in Australia. Red backs are beyond common where I live. Look under any outdoor chair and you will find many red backs.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

The person who commented about the imports and exports reminded me.... My dad worked at a grocery store when he was a teenager, and one time he found a dead tarantula curled up in the bananas. O_O

"Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size do you?" - Yoda Given the discussions about size, I just couldn't help myself... Just imagine that being said by a spider :-)

luckyd880 12

Check out the Brazilian Wandering spider... deadly and they love hitching rides in nice dark shipping containers!

THANK YOU FOR SAYING VENOMOUS! Everyone says they are "poisonous"

Gloritank 8

Venom. Poison. I know they are different but shit they'll both still kill you if you're not careful.

103 exactly, phobias arent rational. i think we develop a fear of snakes and spiders because of the way they move compared to everything else we're exposed to at that age

Rebi3144 8

Time to kill some spiders(: Get your shoe!

We are going to need some big shoes... It's a good thing I wear clown shoes everywhere I go.

Rebi3144 8

Clown shoes would definitely be handy in this situation. * squish squish * ^_^

PenguinSwag47 0

More like someone else's shoe! Not getting spider guts on my shoes. Haha

TriflingAllDay 6

Im going to get my shovel and deck you in the face pretty girl.

Yeah they are cannibals. It was going to eat it