By shoeaddiikt - Australia

Smurf mouth

Today, I was in an exam and was chewing the end of my pen, stuck on a question. My mouth filled up with ink. I wasn't allowed to leave, so I had to sit for another hour with a foul-tasting blue tongue and a half-working pen. FML
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  IamSpartacus  |  0

#1 - You should take other situations into consideration, like these ones: He could be nervous about the test he is taking and the question he is STUCK on, and start chewing on his pen, it could be a habit he developed as a baby, maybe it helps him think, I don't know. But more importantly, YOU don't know, which means you shouldn't post stupid comments like the one you did.

By  f_u_u_f_f  |  0

I've been waiting all my life for this to happen to somebody. It's horrible when you go to borrow a pen and it has been obviously chomped. Pen chewing is so gross.


You know what I would hate? If someone complained to me that the pen I let them borrow was chewed, when they didn't bring their own damn pen to begin with. Beggars can't be choosers. If you don't want a chewed pen, bring your own. It's a common habit, and people are going to do it, and as long as it's THEIR pen they have every damn right to.

By  Jimboom  |  11

I have had this happen to me once before. Though thankfully I wasn't chewing hard on the pen. Now I make sure the pen is a sturdy one before I chew on it. ;)

  TheTruth1428  |  0

If you're borrowing a pen, you can't be so selective. Bring your own pen if you're going to complain about the condition of it.

As for the OP, YDI. I've seen pen chewers before, but none that chewed so hard they popped the pen in their mouth.