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  lottofee  |  0

if i wouldn't know it better i would believe that the op is from germany, because we have so much comma rules in germany = ) but i read that he's from the uk, so i'm wondering if it's the correct way to place the commas? could someone answer this?

  miyon_fml  |  0

A decent desk at Office Depot or Walmart can cost around 170-200$ And those are the build it yourself kind.
And trust me, they can break easy. The last one I had was about $200, big wrap around a corner type. While putting it together I had it standing on the supports while screwing an a peice, the whole thing leaned to the left and Crash, both edge supports cracked in half. There wasnt even anything on it.

So yeah FYL for the desk breaking.
But also, YDI for complaining about your desk when you have a gf that wants to have sex.

  Person1233  |  12

Yup, because everyone knows everything outside the US is an untamed wild filled with absolutely no technology, and aliens.

*glares at own kind for being a dumbass and making the rest of us look bad*

  Draq  |  1

For $400, it better be able to support more than an average woman's weight. Every desk I've bought has been able to hold well over 300 lbs. Hell i've had $20 card tables sturdier than that.

  Emma_91  |  0

They don't have Office Depot or Walmart here. My little pony was right.

And shit is a lot more expensive in Europe than in the US. And it's usually shittier.