By kneesarethenewdesk - 19/08/2009 22:38 - United Kingdom

Today, my girlfriend jumped, naked, onto my computer desk, with the intention of having sex on it. A new, £250 computer desk, broken beyond repair. And we didn't even have sex. FML
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apparenly your computer desk isn't the only thing that's 250 pounds...

Eh, at least she had good intentions. : lol


Eh, at least she had good intentions. : lol

that is kinda hot OP, just tell her to be careful when she jumps on you. 250 pound desk is worth less then a new penis

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Sounds like a pretty crappy desk for £250, maybe buy a sturdier one next time

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It broke the desk but not the computer?

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Oh no, your girlfriend broke something when she tried to **** you. Really, your life destroyed..

Guess what, guys? Jonasgl won't care if you break $500 worth of his stuff as long as you're "trying to have sex with him" when you do it.

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Might be because it was just the desk. Username fail.

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£250 desk for a 250 pound girl.

you totally deserve it, man. seriously.

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Why is it a YDI? What could he have done to stop it? I mean... her.

It's not rly YDI.... he couldn't have done anything to prevent it.

What the hell? I doubt something like that would have broken it beyond repair... I mean, it is a desktop after all. FYL But I believe there's hope. Oyes #4

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What if it broke in the middle? That's certainly beyond repair.

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#31, the top of a desk, is a desktop :P Just saying..

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She could be a 25 stone heifer!

#171, although true, when people say desktop, they mean a desktop computer

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hahahhaa that's one way to kill the mood.

You know what else is stupid? The number of commas in the first two lines of this FML is stupid.

if i wouldn't know it better i would believe that the op is from germany, because we have so much comma rules in germany = ) but i read that he's from the uk, so i'm wondering if it's the correct way to place the commas? could someone answer this?

the first sentence is right but the second doesn't need any commas

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You got ripped off if a £250 computer desk broke because of that. Unless it's made of which case, your girlfriend is dumb.

A decent desk at Office Depot or Walmart can cost around 170-200$ And those are the build it yourself kind. And trust me, they can break easy. The last one I had was about $200, big wrap around a corner type. While putting it together I had it standing on the supports while screwing an a peice, the whole thing leaned to the left and Crash, both edge supports cracked in half. There wasnt even anything on it. So yeah FYL for the desk breaking. But also, YDI for complaining about your desk when you have a gf that wants to have sex.

£250 is around $400. I would think a 400 dollar computer desk would be made of real wood or fancy glass.

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I doubt they have a Office depot or Walmart in Europe....

Haha my little pony, you sure are something.

Yup, because everyone knows everything outside the US is an untamed wild filled with absolutely no technology, and aliens. /sarcasm *glares at own kind for being a dumbass and making the rest of us look bad*

For $400, it better be able to support more than an average woman's weight. Every desk I've bought has been able to hold well over 300 lbs. Hell i've had $20 card tables sturdier than that.

They don't have Office Depot or Walmart here. My little pony was right. And shit is a lot more expensive in Europe than in the US. And it's usually shittier.

You deserve it, should have purchased a better desk.