By Anonymous - 01/05/2015 20:41 - United Kingdom - Oundle

Today, in the middle of the supermarket, my 7 year old son asked me what a cocksucker is and why his mum always calls me that. FML
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someone who likes succulent chicken? :P

So you're the dad I'm assuming? Better go talk to your wife.


Kids these days...

daisylokes 16

ya blame his mom, no mother should be saying words like that around the kids, kids brains are like sponges, they soak up everything.

friedpwnadge 25

Kids say the darndest things.

ZombieVampirez 24

Yes #9. When I was a nanny the oldest at the time was 4 and he told me to fuck off when I asked him to sit and eat. Damn children learning young

Its not the kids fault if he heard it from someone else....

someone who likes succulent chicken? :P

katydid91 31

I see what you did there.

Xela77 10

I could just imagine a little boy walking around saying he's a huge cock sucker...

No better explanation i could find to give it to a kid. Up Vote for you

someone has some explaining to do?

Splainin to do.*

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Lucy!!! you go some 'splainin to do!!!

So you're the dad I'm assuming? Better go talk to your wife.

Hence the male symbol....

This sounds more like a divorce situation.

The parents are probably divorced/separated... Rather common these days.

RedPillSucks 31

not sure why the thumbs down on #33. he's just saying they may already be separated, hence the negative vibes from mom.

I'm pretty sure if they were married OP would've said his wife rather than the child's mum. Sounds like a classic case of divorced/separated parents dragging the kids down by undermining the other parent and effectively using the kid as a weapon, which is pathetic. You don't have to like the other parent but you have to stay civil for the kids. I hope this is the worst the mum has said...

Should've just replied. "Son, a cocksucker is what your mom has been doing since we have been married." Then just keep walking and have a talk with your wife later in the day so she becomes the cocksucker

Except if the wife calls her husband "cocksucker", I don't think she does much of the activity suggested by this term herself, as she doesn't seem to be treating her husband all that well.

@5: Word choices indicate divorce or separation.

Merylwen 24

The only woman I know who calls her ex-husband a "cocksucker" in front of her kids does it because he left her for a man, and she's (understandably?) bitter about it. Plus *technically* she's not wrong, even though it's not a nice thing to say.

It's a term of endearment, son.

Mommy, you're a cocksucker!

BoeingAirbus 4

Well they say you are what you speak.

It's you are what you eat....

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As a kid I asked my older sister what dickhead was. She said it was a measure of ten years. I found out later in school that she was almost correct. Don't know how you could rework cocksucker though to something more innocuous.

what the fuck sounds like cocksucker that means 10 years?

It sort of sounds like 'decade', especially depending on your accent.

Isn't it the other way around?