By dm206 - 10/06/2009 17:47 - United States

Today, I decided that I was going to get my front license plate put back on my car after two years of having it off. In these two years I somehow never got pulled over for it, as it is illegal to drive without one in MD. On my way there, I got pulled over for not having a front license plate. FML
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kmfyr 0

Why did you drive without the plate for two years? o.O

Can't you put your plates on by yourself?


NoNameAtAll_fml 1

I live in Maryland and u have to have two lisence plates

Yeah...Thanks, but OP already said that...

HairyPunisher 27

OP said that. Dumbass. Oh and it's "license."

kmfyr 0

Why did you drive without the plate for two years? o.O

i'm from maryland too, but live in florida. i think i might register my car as a florida one when my plate expires, so i can out a customized one on the front. =] that sucks hard core, but you know.. had that shit coming. boo. :( & #2, the OP already knew that. thats.. why they said it was illegal. and were going to go get one.

Hey I live in Florida too and you only need a back license plate

He knows that, that's why he is putting a customized one

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Quite the procrastinator. That sucks but still... YDI.