By schooyou101 - 04/12/2012 00:53 - United States - Prairie Village

Today, my crazy psychopath of a neighbor sent me an email with the subject, "So, about your sex life." I've been sitting here for 20 minutes staring at it because I'm too scared to open it. FML
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That's when you send a reply email with the subject line as, 'So, about your restraining order...'


7 - No, C and E want it. They miss their neighbor.

8- if you get **** in an unsolicited email...that's a virus.

Probably wants OP to keep the noise down.

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That's assuming OP is a guy. OP could very well be a very vocal woman.

Usually guys are fairly comfortable with their sex life, obviously they don't want someone watching, but it being known they have one is not generally frowned upon, hence it making most sense that OP is a female through being terrified of the email. Also, it's usually men who are the creepy psychopath neighbors. Not saying there aren't psychopath women (Casey Anthony) but it isn't a chance I would bet on.

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Get really thick curtains! Obviously you live next to a perv!!

That's when you send a reply email with the subject line as, 'So, about your restraining order...'

OP should not even look at the email and just do what you said. How did they even get OPs email?

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Maybe the neighbor's complaining that OP is making too much noise.

Ah good point.. maybe.. doesn't sound like it but maybe :)

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So..... Lets hear about your sex life then.

Maybe the neighbor was going to talk about OP's non existent sex life, and wanted to help out and make it existent...

Maybe he simply wants you to stop screaming so loud while you're doing it.

Agreed. That was my first thought as well.

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Or maybe they are telling OP to close a window...

Well since he/she is crazy it could be a Christmas e card or something but they couldn't figure out what to put as the subject of the message, that or you might want to move...

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definitely open it. at least to see what its all about. if it is stalkerish, take care of it.

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Or he can call you to "take care of it"