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jasonsaied 1

where the hell do you guys see unconscious poms?

oh god, i read "unconscious poms" as "unicorn porn"...


oh god, i read "unconscious poms" as "unicorn porn"...

Me too, just spent a good 20 minutes playing at

Ajjas013 6

There should be a group on Facebook. I watched Unicorn Porn and didn't get my ass kicked!

And it should be continued as "But I did get my ass kicked for watching pokemob porn."

pokemon* Damn auto correct

jasonsaied 1

where the hell do you guys see unconscious poms?

YDI for having a science degree.

This ^ Why is this FML any worse because you have a science degree? Maybe you can get a boring job in a lab instead of a boring job cleaning up drunkards' puke.

I agree with 107?wtf

i agree with 107?

have you ever considered being a janitor.

He has a degree and his native language is English. OP: get a job as an English teacher in Asia. Your living standard will probably be higher (income might be lower but expenses, too) you get to travel and have some fun.

Yeah! It's such a comforting sound! vvvvWOOM! vvvvvWOOM! There go two right now!

Well, now you know that a degree doesn't over-qualify you to have a working class job.

Education means nothing, really. It's the same here in Turkey, what you need is just good luck and some, oh more than some money and good connections. Sorry for you.

science degrees are worthless here in Australia - you need more than that to land a respectable job

how did unconscious people verbally abuse you?

hahaha true that

Ooh, watch yourself, pendatic. All the butthurt "WHO CARES GET A LIFE LOL" users will be flocking here soon because YOU CORRECTED SPELLING IN AN FML. Obviously, this is a huge red flag that you don't have a life.

I appreciate it. :)

@Tazn1991, the OP was modded for clarity. Where it says "drunken Brits", I believe it originally read "3 unconscious poms", with "unconscious" spelt incorrectly.

Ajjas013 6

Fine, dissect them or some shit Mr. Science.

that's not a very good comeback

sucks that you had to do that. I fish which I named Alfred.

WTF last part came from where

Do something with that degree rather then whining on FML

Yup,YDI for being unemployable.

omg, that's sad:$

I'm surprised the grammar Nazi hasn't pointed out this guy's spelling yet...

Ajjas013 6

I wanna be a firetruck!