By proteinboy - 16/11/2009 03:00 - United States

Today, I waited for 20 minutes to get a cab outside grand central station in New York (it was raining). Finally, to my relief, I found a cab but when I got in I let a little fart slip. Two minutes later the cabby kicked me out of his cab because I stunk. FML
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wow, when you stink worse than the cab....bad...

Did you still have to pay? We're all wondering.


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Haha bugger.

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More like you held in a fart for 20 minutes and let it off in the cab on purpose.

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lolprotien boy is his name

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pull my finger!

That's what you get for not farting outside. Haha.

wow, when you stink worse than the cab....bad...

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YDI for farting in a cab

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SOMETIMES you cant hold it... farting is natural

Yes, and holding it in is natural, too. Sex is natural, but you don't see people f***ing in the backseat of taxis.

I was just taking apart the simple argument that it's okay just because it's natural. Obviously it's not comparable to sex. There was no other argument besides that. Anyway, it is not "impossible" to hold farts in. Sure, it hurts a lot to hold gas in all day, but to me it's unbelievably worth it to avoid situations like this. Not just the awkward situation, but to avoid the image that I'm a stinky slob. I have not farted in public since I was a kid.

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19 made me laugh

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Ha wtf that hilarious!!!

Goodness, have you got no shame?

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are you fucking serious??? you cannot, ever, hold in a fart. Where the hell have you been living...

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Far away from you, my friend. Far, far away from you.