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Today, at the supermarket, a woman came up to me and said I looked just like her son, who was killed in Afghanistan. She tearfully asked if she could hug me "one last time." It was a little weird, but I let her. Ten minutes later, at the checkout, I realized she'd pickpocketed my wallet. FML
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Wow, she is good.

I'm both impressed and concerned. mostly impressed though.


Wow, she is good.

She's good, but it pisses me off that she would use that. Totally disrespectful.

ain't no rest for the wicked, #60

mds9986 24

If this was me I wouldn't even be mad, that's amazing.

True dat

#60 i agree that it's disrespectful, I am married to a soldier, and he laughed and this as well but said its ****** up. Some people are just desperate.. And assholes.

Money don't grow on trees

I'm sorry OP! Report it to the cops!

I agree op needs to report it. Then they may be able to look at surveillance tapes and have an idea of what she looks like. She may already be in their databases or on their radar.

Sucks to be you, I hope you somehow got it back...

there's a button for that

JocelynKaulitz 28

#66, There's no button for OP to get their wallet back. I checked.

Are you sure #96 because according to Jake from State Farm it pays to double check.

Well Op, I bet that's the last time you let that happen.

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Although I do hope that something like this does not happen to op again, I also hope that op continues to make an attempt to be kind and helpful towards others. What op did was amazing, and I'm sincerely sorry that it was just a hoax.

I thought op was going to say she conned him into paying for her groceries.

Well in a way she kind of did.

you still remember that one?

#40 - I do, I do!~

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I don't think he deserved this at all, he was just trying to be kind, bad things like this happens to good people all too often

I'm both impressed and concerned. mostly impressed though.

Your profile picture makes me happy

It also goes perfectly with the comment. I can totally hear Ron Swanson saying that.

Makes you lose faith in humanity, doesn't it? People suck.. That's why I prefer animals

But that's illegal....

daisylokes 16

#23 nasty.

Remember. Humans are social animals

I find it a little upsetting that people use emotions of those sorts to commit crimes. Humans nowadays... :c

You have to watch out for people like that. Some people have the nerve to pawn people like that. I hope Karma gets you back for being thoughtful enough to let her hug you. Good luck, OP

I'm leaning more to karma getting her for being a bitch