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Today, is my daughter's first birthday. Today also marks 1 year and 9 months since I last had sex with my wife. FML
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Woah OP; sucks for you. Not literally; of course.

And this is what happens when you have kids, you both become very busy and have to try and fit it in with unexpected interuptions and little time. Just try extra hard to find the time when you're both up for it. Either that or you're complaining because she hasn't tried to initiate it, in which case try yourself.


yeah 9 months = conception to birth congrats ... unless u don't want the baby for some reason

What is up with all the teenagers wanting to lose their virginity at such a young age?

... I was about to tell you to think before posting, but that doesn't seem like one of your strong points.

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Because it makes you super cool and popular.

in my school, if you're under 15 and not a virgin, your generally considered a slag in most occasions. Boys however consider it some kind of victory.

@13, My town's meant to be third worst in England for teen pregnancies :S. It used to be second, and the number one spot is about 30 minutes away. Yey...... I got told today actually, that we rank as one of the top in Europe for syphilis. Not sure if that's true, but if it is....:(

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I was being sarcastic numb nuts. O wait, I forget, u don't have none. Ass wipe! :0)

Why wouldn't they wanna lose it at a young age? Sex is greeeaaat and I can't say I've turned out bad from losing it at 12.

I do agree with 13 what is up with that? I never got why?

This is FML isn't all that bad unless your wife is pregnant...

127 your hair is gorgeous... OP, FYL for having a frigid wife :(

no, you've turned out just fine :] but of course 'Sarcasm' was supposed to be my username :]

Woah OP; sucks for you. Not literally; of course.

I did notice he added "with my wife". He didn't just say, "since I last had sex". But it's still sad.

#2 reason to not have kids. #1 being that I would be crap at it.

op is obviously lying, unless he had sex with his wife the day his daughter was born

136 learn your math retard.that's the date of conception

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OP you need to try a little romance.

Probably cause you can't spell virgin. I'm 15 & a virgin.

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I'm 22, & 1 by choice. I can't afford to mess around until I finish college & make something of myself. I don't want to be stuck in a crappy situation where the only thing keeping us together is a kid because a condom broke, and the pill didn't work. This has happened so often to so many people. I'm around way too many children to want any of my own yet, & I don't think I'd be able to have an abortion, or give a child up for adoption... & I see so many of my patients come in with AIDS and I feel bad for them because their partner never told them that they have it. Some of them are so nice, but the medicine is so expensive if they don't have insurance... We're Breaking statistics one person at a time. Teen pregnancy doesn't have to be a part of life, and neither do STDs or STIs.

And that matters why? Virginity isn't a bad thing dumbass.

Ali_br, That's why IUD's are so wonderful. They don't break or stop working.

lol.. so many people here whom has sad ******* lives.. when you grow old you're going to be extremely bitter that you didn't have great sex when you had the chance, look forward to it! lots and lots of bitterness!!

and yes.. being a virgin after the age of 18 is just bad on so many levels.. missing the **** out I'm telling you.

104 agree! IUDs are great, can't beat 5-10 year contraception lol

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you know what's even better? permanent sterilisation. pity it's not more easily available, for women anyway.

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Ok just because its prevalent doesn't mean actually 90% of kids ****. I'd say 35% of kids in my school have had sex. I'm 17. And that's only the popular crowd, even though we're not that cliquey. Actually, like 30% of popular guys, but a huge number of popular girls; they go to other towns' parties/ college kids.

what does this have to do at all with the original FML??? he's married and has a kid. he's just setting he doesn't get laid anymore. who cares if you're a virgin? he's married, married people tend to have sex with their spouse.

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lol the OPs name is pretty amazing

And this is what happens when you have kids, you both become very busy and have to try and fit it in with unexpected interuptions and little time. Just try extra hard to find the time when you're both up for it. Either that or you're complaining because she hasn't tried to initiate it, in which case try yourself.

I only half agree with you on this, Cinn. The kid can't be blamed for a 21 month drought. There wasn't any reason for them not to have sex when she was pregnant. And kids will severely limit your alone time as a couple but to never have time for a quickie in a year? Not even a special needs child is that demanding. I agree both OP and his wife should be taking some initiative here. OP, I hope you've talked to your wife about this because it's a problem of some sort. Many women become so absorbed in their babies that they forget they are wives. Gently remind her.

'Foe - I agree, but it might be that the wife had a bad pregnancy and wasn't up for it during that (not that I know a lot about this kinda thing, so I could be horribly wrong) or that the OP hasn't tried to take any initiative for those 21 months and/or the wife just hasn't noticed for various reasons. I didn't mean it in the way that they haven't had time for those 21 months, just that having the child would have caused changes.

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there are all kinds of reasons why people choose to, or not to, have sex! I don't think that "too busy" is why in this case! my ? would be, who is she getting it from that she doesn't want it from him???

Actually, it never says that she doesn't want it, it just says they haven't had it. Saying she doesn't want it is making the assumption he has actually broached the subject with her. In the same way that saying he hasn't broached it with her is an assumption. It is perfectly possible that his wife has just been too tired and/or too busy to notice, I mean there might be other reasons, I'm just putting out a possibility.

I actually just watched an article about this earlier... the man's side was that since the birth of their child, they never have sex. The woman's side was that since the birth of their child, the man apparently forgot all notions of romance or foreplay.

I did misunderstand your original post, Cinn. There could be several reasons and "busy" is certainly the most convenient. "Too tired" is also likely. OP should woo his wife if he hasn't tried already. Suppressed, it depends on the couple. Some cling to each other and relish the chance to reassure themselves of their love and support. Others let the stress eat up their relationship.

This definately is not a case of not having time. I am a mother of 4 kids all 4 and under and my husband and I have an amazing sex life. She probably thinks low of herself or has issues with the husband.

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Women do have a tendency to also not feel as attractive anymore after a pregnancy so maybe she just doesn't think she's all that pretty anymore? Self esteem takes a massive hit due to pregnancy weight gain soo

I disagree. I'm going to guess that if he's posting here about it, he's probably tried initiating it and hasn't been successful. My son will be two next month, and I agree having kids makes you busy, but not having sex ONCE in 21 months and saying it's due to being busy is ridiculous.

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time for you guys to have a serious discussion. thats how divorces start. :(

I get the impression that this is not a rare occurrence.

I believe this comment to be true in more ways than one.

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The last time the OP had sex with his wife was when they conceived the baby. The baby is now one. So the OP has not had sex for one year and nine months.

pendatik, do you have a degree in being a fuckhead? He was trying to help!