By Falcon - 09/02/2012 06:42 - United States

Today, I had to pee in the kitchen sink because my bathroom is being completely revamped, and the only other toilet in the house is my parents'. They refuse to let anyone use it. FML
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You could always just pee outside? Not in the damn sink! XP


You could always just pee outside? Not in the damn sink! XP

Peeing in the sink is fun. You stand on the bench and aim for the drain to avoid the deathly noise of urine splatter.

Thats when you say "either i piss in your toilet or you wash it off your bed"

Is it just me or are OP's parents really messed up? I wonder what they are hiding in this secret bathroom..

Wait... Do you share your kitchen with your parents? Cause if you do, i do not understand why they will not let you use their toilet... Hygiene and all..

Maybe it's not a toilet, it's a sex swing room.

Mean_Mr_Mustard 9

Op, take a poo in their kitchen sink and leave it there for them. I think they will start letting you use their bathroom after that.

shanemaximo 7

Time to leave a swirly chocolate surprise on their pillow. Then they should roll out the red carpet to their bathroom.

Pixxio_O 11

Isn't that the same sink they drink from...

csickcman 11

Why not just go in the shower?? That's what I do.

Because they cant use either bathroom which contains a shower or a toilet.

ibv123_fml 3

How can someone say they have peed in a sink before? That's gross. Who cares if its not the sink you drink from, that's just extremely gross. Shoulda peed out side. I have even heard of cups being peed in but not sinks

brosbeforehos85 3

Yea find a bush or anything besides ur sink. Thats ****** disgusting

some infection you dont want your kids to get...

leprechaun23 15

That's why they invented the garbage disposal

lizard399 0

The thought of shit swirling around in a garbage disposal turns my stomach. Thank you..

If my they didnt let me use their toilet, I would leave it in their kitchen sink. I would make sure to miss the drain too.

haha ! thats really selfish of them... sorry OP!! :p

it's possible OP's parents are fOCDed in the head

RedPillSucks 31

Then they'll love cleaning the sink.

Op should just piss in their morning coffee..or various drink of choice if they don't drink coffee.

Oh **** I somehow managed to put it the wrong way like a royal dumbass. Compulsion disorder obsessive

Well thats very unhelpful of them. Come on its just a toilet

MatheusRajuidas 5

Let's hope it's not because they're hiding toys lol.

How gross peeing in the kitchen sink people washe dishes in there! Then eat of them! Ew!

Buttsexpirate 9

Whenever they leave you should lock their bathroom from the inside so they can't enter it for a while. That'll learn them!!

olpally 32

Never correct buttsexpirate.. He'll do nasty things to your bum, argh! :D

pookberry 4


You should've headed outside. If you're a girl I can't help but laugh at the image of perching over the sink. Harsh.

lizard399 0

*engages long stare at sink* so this is what it has come to.. I'll never look at you the same way again.. *squats*

You better scrub that sink spotless afterwards ..

Urine is actually sterile, so "scrubbing the sink" spotless only helps with the psychological aspect.

No, urine is not sterile once it exits the bladder. What makes you think they call urine "WASTE"?

monnanon 13

Because it is WASTE water. It is sterile, not just when it is in the bladder but when it is outside it too. it is so sterile that you can drink it, just ask a certain survival genius.

Bear Grylls, the piss drinking expert. (I hope i got his name right)

desireev 17

Nothing is sterile once it leaves the body. The world is full of germs and contamination. Once again, NOTHING is sterile once it leaves the body. Just thought I'd throw that in there..

63 is right. You can drink urine. It is sterile enough. However, it is not advisable in a survival setting, as it will actually dehydrate you.

Urine is certainly sterile until its inside. once it get outside it serves as a growth media for variety of microbes. its also a reason why UTIs are common if there is problem with letting out urine.

80 non of our food is sterile, its almost always exposed to air before in enters tye mouth

WHICH btw, your mouth is thee most unsanitary area on the human body. (cleanest is the asscheeks) True ******* story

chubby_choco 17

>:D Or make the parents do the dishes.

Piss right in front of your parent's door. That'll teach them.

nattynatters 14

Exactly what I was thinking. Pop a squat where they can see and they'll probably see that keeping the toilet to themselves is wrong.