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  AFCA020  |  4

Wait... Do you share your kitchen with your parents? Cause if you do, i do not understand why they will not let you use their toilet... Hygiene and all..

  ibv123_fml  |  3

How can someone say they have peed in a sink before? That's gross. Who cares if its not the sink you drink from, that's just extremely gross. Shoulda peed out side. I have even heard of cups being peed in but not sinks

  monnanon  |  13

Because it is WASTE water. It is sterile, not just when it is in the bladder but when it is outside it too. it is so sterile that you can drink it, just ask a certain survival genius.

  desireev  |  17

Nothing is sterile once it leaves the body. The world is full of germs and contamination. Once again, NOTHING is sterile once it leaves the body.
Just thought I'd throw that in there..

  idoam  |  8

63 is right. You can drink urine. It is sterile enough. However, it is not advisable in a survival setting, as it will actually dehydrate you.

  piccalo  |  4

Urine is certainly sterile until its inside. once it get outside it serves as a growth media for variety of microbes. its also a reason why UTIs are common if there is problem with letting out urine.