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Today, after I spent nearly three hours building an igloo, my dog decided it would be a nice to enter it and take a shit. FML
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Buttsexpirate 9

I bet he was holding it in just for that moment.


Sounds like a shitty situation... No thats not a good pun. I guess he shit in your igloo. Yeah that's a better pun. Ok guys it's ok. Just thumbs this down I failed hardcore.

Inheritance 10

Least OP has some warmth in his igloo! =)

72- I suppose the response of FML users was, "okay." Be happy.

Buttsexpirate 9

I bet he was holding it in just for that moment.

hanah5 6

Haha I love your name a picture!

Did you make the picture yourself or is it from something? I have wondered this before, name/image are too well matched.

the dog was just marking its territory nothing wrong with that or is it...?

Get in and get it out then, pretty simple

Well I feel like It's not that easy. It would be more like this. "OP doesn't feel like getting a shovel so he just pushes the snow around the shit, it then slides across the ground leaving a brown and smelly smear. He decides to go get a shovel and scrapes it even though it is gone its linger is still there. "

@19Thanks for the explanation. now I feel like I gonna puke.

An animal's best way to show appreciation is to take a shit right on whatever you've just accomplished. Take it as a compliment.

sealed_with_a_sm 2

Isn't that also like a sign that the dog is marking his territory??... Just wondering...

I'm pretty sure in all reality it just means the dog needed to take a dump.

Trust that to happen after all your hard work!

Woooo!! Aussies unite!! (I'm Australian too).

Woohoo, counterclockwise toilets!! You guys are such rebels!!

Ahaha Aussie Aussie Aussie!!!! Yeah I heard that our toilets flush the other way, wierd :)

Because thats on the first comment, maybe next time man

"wow that wasn't ice of him." "that was not ice at all" not the same comment just same joke. And I didn't even notice that until you pointed it out.

Really? You were the second one to ******* comment on her post. Please shut the **** up.

anthonydude 9

Well isn't that a shitty situation.

*Waiting for someone stupid to say that he/she is waiting for the shitty situation joke* ^^^Mission Accomplished

TylerOMFG 7

Man that sounds like he just told you he's the shit and what he thinks of your igloo.