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Today, I got a yeast infection, caused by the antibiotics for my UTI. I got the UTI after having sex for the first time in a year. A couple of minutes of sex have ruined my health. FML
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"Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die."- Coach Carr


Just a couple of minutes? Hopefully they were really good!

You see, the real problem is that OP didn't have sex for a whole year ;)

A couple of minutes? Well that's bad.

BubbleGrunge 18

Not really ruined, OP, just stalled for a moment. It happens; don't let this ruin your sex life either. There are lots of things that accompany a UTI after sex, and you should try to educate yourself on the best way to prevent one. Hope you recover quickly.

you could have prevented getting a yeast infection if you treated your UTI with natural things. whenever i have one, i stock up on cranberry juice and water and let it run its course. much better for you than antibiotics. to prevent UTIs, pee after sex and just make sure you're clean.

michaelm1290 23

26, this is not medically sound advice. Firstly, the recent medical literature on cranberry juice is questionable. While the proanthocyandine and hippuric acid do have benefits, the overall efficacy is debatable. Secondly, letting infections "run a course" is risky. Several different organisms (bacteria, parasites, etc) can cause UTIs and some have predilections to cause even more harm, for example, a simple UTI can easily progress to pyelonephritis, renal abscesses and so on. Thus, we definitely prefer to treat UTIs.

UTIs are actually dangerous and often can't be treated effectively without antibiotics. Essentially if your UTI gets to the point where you can feel it, get antibiotics. Without treatment the infection spreads up to your kidneys causing failure and death. Kidneys are not to be messed with.

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While there are things that help prevent it, things can still happen- so it's not necessarily that OP is dirty or didn't follow those steps. And sometimes drinking lots of cranberry juice and letting the infection run its course isn't an option that can be taken. If left untreated, serious UTIs can cause some damage that can be permanent. Just hope things smooth over soon for you, OP, and that the discomfort isn't too bad.

thats what works for me so thought id share

Though there are steps that can help you avoid an UTI after sex, you really should treat it with antibiotics when get one. Cranberry juice has its benefits, but it does not cure an infection.

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#34: Just because natural remedies work for you, doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

#38, antibiotics don't work for everyone though. I for example can't take them, because somehow, it makes everything even worse. I've had troubles with them since I was a child :/

When you take antibiotics, ladies, eating things like yogurt with live cultures will help prevent yeast infections. Antibiotics kill off the "good" bacteria that keeps the yeast in check because antibiotics don't discriminate. I myself can't stand yogurt, so I take lactobacillus. Just remember it has to have live cultures. It will say it somewhere on the package.

@34, It's all good and well that that works for you, and it's fine that you want to share the information, but don't do it by advising someone to not get medical attention for a medical issue. UTIs can be very dangerous and should not be allowed to "run their course" for most people, because home remedies don't always work. If they did, the medical profession would've gone out of business a long time ago. I will never understand the people that consistently preach against medicine.

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That sucks OP. Try peeing after sex. It helps flush out the urethra and reduces the risk of UTIs.

itsnicole96 15

"Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die."- Coach Carr

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I didn't have sex for 2 years because the condom broke and I had a pregnancy scare. The first time doing it after 2 whole years - the same thing happens... It turned out alright but Coach Carr was right. Don't have sex because you will get pregnant and die.

I thought it was pain BEFORE pleasure, sorry OP!

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It's actually fairly common for yeast infections to follow UTI's. And UTI's are pretty easily preventable. Read up on it and have better luck next time, OP!

Oh no! So sorry to hear that. Drink lots of cranberry juice.

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Cranberry juice is for a UTI which was helped by the antibiotic. Yogurt, preferably all natural or organic, or pro biotic supplements help with yeast infections. Feel better OP! And don't get discouraged. If this keeps happening talk to your Dr and they should find something so you can enjoy sex without worry of getting sick like that.