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Today, I went to the OBGYN for my annual, and noticed they now supplied babywipes. After 3 seconds of "cleaning", the intense burning started. Turns out they were antibacterial bleach wipes. FML
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A series of three periods is called and "ellipses", and is a proper use of punctuation. L2 grammar Nazi nub.


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I saw an old ad in a magazine that Lysol could be used as a douche when properly diluted. told my old aunt that was a nurse. she said idiots would show up at the ER after using it strate from the bottle

wouldn't happen if the retard knew how to read....

I think I just fell in love with you mister LOLOLOLOLOsomething..

10- I read your bio; you are awesome! (:

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#14, you may read his bio, but your grammar tends to... initiate an inflammatory response in my eyes.

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#31, Your grammar is bad as well. Too many periods and not enough capitalization. Please ,for the love of god, you're making my eyes bleed with your bad grammar.

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A series of three periods is called and "ellipses", and is a proper use of punctuation. L2 grammar Nazi nub.

'and "ellipses"' really 41? Stfu while you're behind.

Not saying I'm perfect by any means. iPhones and sausage thumbs don't mix at all. I think it's actually ellipsis anywho. I just don't like grammar douches.

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What a simply delightful string of grammar Nazi grammar fails! You would think people would proof read when douching about about others' usage of the English language. Then again, it's the Internet, everyone has to be first idiot.

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its called an ellipsis dumbass

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#66 we understand... go back to your cave.

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#37 Don't be hatin'. Your comma placement is off.

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Label reading could have prevented her labial seething.

always read the label before placing in labia

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... Sort of? Why so on the fence? Or does the idea of anything painful down there leave you incapable of a position.

.....but that's why you WASH your ass before heading out to the doc's. pinche cochina

I'm sure the bleach cleaned and deodorized you, just what the doctor ordered.

Hey, at least she was at the right place to have the issue dealt with.

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Hmmm, maybe you should have read more carefully...

There was no fire involved thus, peoving that Gingers are the only 'Firecrotched' humans. Unless one dyes their pubic hairs red...

Hey at least you got rid of those pesky crabs.