By NeedaNosePlug - 26/01/2012 05:19 - United States

Today, I had to have a discussion with my 54-year-old mother about showering. She thinks it's perfectly OK to shower only once a week. FML
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i hope she at least wears deoderant, or things would get bad pretty quickly. maybe she's trying to force you to move out? haha


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If you're referring to 1 he's trying to say that OP needs a new mother.

You can buy a new mother for $24.95 on Craigslist.

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Says the person whose user is TourettesGuyFTW..

80- Best comeback this week. +1 to you sir.

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And how exactly does one go about getting a new mother?

I feel so honored now. Some people took my side of FML. :) (non sarcastic)

We have a smelly situa... No? Too far? I see. I'll smell myself outside then...

Nah, I read it in Randall's voice. Just like the honey badger, OP's mother just doesn't give a shit.

My sister thinks once every two weeks. I feel bad for you op. STINKY!

what! i thought showers where once a month.

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My grandpa thinks they are only for weddings...last one 2 years ago...

Well let her do what she wants , she's old enough to make her choices..but still I wouldn't be near her ehh

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You say that like she's elderly. She's only 54!

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25- 54 is not elderly! You have to be 55 to be a senior citizen! 70 is the beginning of elderly. And that's slightly pushing it. There are many 70-year-olds who are still actively working and going to amusement parks and doing all the 'hip things' them 'teenie-boppers' are doing. Point is.. 54 is not, in the least bit, old.

Mhmm I guess that's something new I learned today, sorry if I was offensive I totally wasn't well informed about it I guess

70 is baby boomers. That i belive is elderly

Okay, not bathing everyday doesn't mean you smell bad people. -_- I bathe minimally once a week and probably three times at most. I'm perfectly fine, no one in my house complaints(and trust me, my parents are the first to complain about ANYTHING) and my boyfriend is perfectly fine with it and doesn't find me gross.

Same. Once a week minimum (once didn't shower in like two weeks... but I didn't have to go outside and I was really lazy). No complaints either. And of course you use deodorant... like all the time.

i hope she at least wears deoderant, or things would get bad pretty quickly. maybe she's trying to force you to move out? haha

Ew, Im itching to get in the shower as soon as i've had my breakfast, you feel ready for the day!

Tell her it's a non-optional social convention.

At least it's not your gf havin a shower 1ce a week

I thought OP was a girl. Unless she's a lesbian...

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12, homophobic pig. Nah. I'm just kidding. But you do have to look at all aspects of the situation.... I find it funnier that way.

Dude, you know I only shower once a week, because I don't alot, but I still wash my arm pits and privates nearly every day at the sink, and trust me, it's fine. I for example live in a house where you have to make a fire to have hot water for showering, and you don't want to do that more than once a week

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I think I'd rather light a fire for hot water or take a cold shower than go a week without showering.

if you cant convince her, spray her with a hose