OP here, this is very embarrassing. This client was actually a very good friend of mine and I told her I would be back in a few moments. She understood completely I just informed her to place it at the cash. My coworker however did come along to ring her through placing the items under her name in the system. Which made me lose out on a $500 dollar sale. So far management has done nothing, but I think she does feel bad because she knew she was in the wrong. My mistake though for eating a big unhealthy breakfast that did not agree with my bowels. For future I take this into consideration.

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That was pretty shitty of your coworker.

that was an expensive shit


That was pretty shitty of your coworker.

You culd say his coworker just ran with it.

Hey, You poop you lose! That how the saying goes… right?

What a fucking ASSHOLE. Who does that?

Yeah what a crap thing to do!

You gots to go when you gots to go.

Shit,Are you ok now?

I think you're trying too much Adam.

that was an expensive shit

That was a "turd" bit of lucky sale for the co-worker.

And you employer allowed that? Shitty employer.

The flip side would be that the customer might just leave. In which case, no one would have made a sale.

Commisioned work is such a cutthroat environment, and I should know having worked in a high-end retail store. Hopefully it wasn't a high-dollar sale, so you can shrug it off and keep it together for that even better sale. :)

on commission, any sale is "high dollar," especially if its commission only and thats how you make your money.

What a crappy coworker.

Yea i know my above comment was shockingly bad.

Nah it was shitty.

Everybody, stop with the "shitty" puns. We've already established that for this FML, everything considered bad is called "shitty". Please.

its a sign from god to tell you not to be in sales. Look for a different career, Carpentry, maybe?

"I have to do something completely natural, and it happens to be while I'm working, which is completely normal. I guess God doesn't want me working here"? What?

9- Nah, then they'd steal his addition.

Wow that's shit