By nocat6 - 15/09/2014 03:07 - United States - Northville

Today, I caught a customer using his fat to shoplift gum out of a store. FML
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Ay, you gotta find some sort of use for those rolls....

I'm going to take a wild guess and say he tucked it into his fat folds.


What did you say to the guy when he shop-lifted the gum? How did he even do it?

I'm going to take a wild guess and say he tucked it into his fat folds.

cjwayy 22

It's kind of obvious. But anyways, that's pretty clever but pretty gross too.

If it was tucked in his fat rolls I would've let him take it or make him give it back and throw it out. I don't think anyone would want that gum now lol.

If I was OP I would've taken it back and thrown it in the damages bin

Lil_Red777 21

I would've made him pay for it, nobody wants gum that's been in his sweaty fat folds.

Why would he want to steal gum in the first place. It goes on your record. If you're dumb enough to steal something at least make it good.

Yes, because shoplifting is a new crime in this generation that nobody attempted back then.

I think they were commenting more on the stealing in fat but to each his own

Everyone is commenting about how how gross it is that someone would try that, its the whole point of this post... if he was just shoplifting a normal way this probably wouldn't have been posted. Why did everyone misunderstand me...

Eh, it's alright, dude. FML posters seem to have pretty high standards and even if you were to say something logical or nice, you'd get shit for it.

Putting the whole country in the same pot, just because one person did this is not cool! Shame on you!

Having lived in UK for a while - shit like that could definitely happen on this side of the Atlantic as well. Can't blame one country.

The whole world is ****** up! What makes ur place any better? Bet it's shit just like over here! Get over urself and realize that there isn't any better anywhere..... We all live in a world filled to the brim with SHIT! Nice try though..... :/

**** the costumer's life for ending up at such a low point in life

Lil_Red777 21

I don't feel bad for him because he was stealing. I won't comment on his weight because who knows what his situation is.

If that worked, almost everything would have been tucked into my undies by now.

True, but do you really wanna reach into a man's fat rolls?

knoxxx 22

I don't know about the store where OP worked, but when I used to work retail even if you catch a customer stealing, you can't physically touch them to take the item back. That's still assault. You had to confront them, and usually they'd be so embarrassed or shocked that you caught them (and scared about the consequences) that they would just give it back. I even had people go around the store and buy several things after I caught them shoplifting because they felt so guilty. If we had a runner we could call security and chase them, but to actual physically stop them would mean losing our job.


At some places (Old Navy, where I worked in high school), you couldn't even confront them. We had to be nice and pretend like we were too dumb to care. If we caught someone trying to wear a jacket out of the store, we had to act along the lines of "that jacket looks good on you! If you need a different color or size, let me know!"

#59 i have to say thats just waay toooo nice, but thats you guys store policy

martin8337 35

At least it was only a pack of gum. I know someone who had to remove a deli sandwich from underneath a man's fat saggy boob one time, at a Safeway. Now that's a horror story!!

On the next episode of American Horror Story...

When I was working at a Clothing Store, I had to take a $50 dress stuffed under a woman's fake boobs.

the lenghts people will go to steal...(smh)

How did he do that? And which part of his fat did he use? Sounds incredible !

sounds incredible huh? i'm sure you would want one too