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  FkTheWorld7  |  8

Everyone is commenting about how how gross it is that someone would try that, its the whole point of this post... if he was just shoplifting a normal way this probably wouldn't have been posted. Why did everyone misunderstand me...


The whole world is fucked up! What makes ur place any better? Bet it's shit just like over here! Get over urself and realize that there isn't any better anywhere..... We all live in a world filled to the brim with SHIT! Nice try though..... :/

  knoxxx  |  22

I don't know about the store where OP worked, but when I used to work retail even if you catch a customer stealing, you can't physically touch them to take the item back. That's still assault. You had to confront them, and usually they'd be so embarrassed or shocked that you caught them (and scared about the consequences) that they would just give it back. I even had people go around the store and buy several things after I caught them shoplifting because they felt so guilty. If we had a runner we could call security and chase them, but to actual physically stop them would mean losing our job.


At some places (Old Navy, where I worked in high school), you couldn't even confront them. We had to be nice and pretend like we were too dumb to care.

If we caught someone trying to wear a jacket out of the store, we had to act along the lines of "that jacket looks good on you! If you need a different color or size, let me know!"

By  sweetest_jenn  |  18

At least it was only a pack of gum. I know someone who had to remove a deli sandwich from underneath a man's fat saggy boob one time, at a Safeway. Now that's a horror story!!