By Anonymous - 26/02/2014 21:42 - United States - Northampton

Today, my daughter asked me the difference between "their" and "they're". This is the same child I've been spending thousands of dollars on to send to law school. FML
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"You're" daughter is going to be fine :)

one who asks questions is foolish for five minutes, one who doesn't is foolish forever


"You're" daughter is going to be fine :)

I'm hoping that you meant that in a sarcastic way. For the sake of humanity man, please tell me you were kidding!

CountWest 6

Don't give it away, man! I wanna see how freaked out HKC can get! HKC, I konw how speling and grammer is importat to u but your leting it get to you to much. Youve got to relax. Its okey to make mistakes sometmes. Noones perfect. :)

CountWest 6

Hey, guy, I'm not looking for any trouble...

27 - Obviously not. You're an origami dragon. Silly.

That's a Mareep

JMichael 25

No do Pikachu like one of your French girls.

Your lack of spelling skills is...disturbing...

Guess who needs to go back to junior high!

saad2605 16

I think they're going to need to go back further. My 10 year old sister knows the difference.

no, she just needs to take English classes.

jazzy_123 20

Maybe she had a brain fart? It happens to everyone. Just yesterday I couldn't remember how to spell "college" and was spelling it "colleg" haha

saad2605 16

20 - I think not knowing the difference between two words is a lot different than forgetting how to spell a word

Not that this wasn't a VERY stupid question, but what does it have to do with her ability to practice law?

StillUsesMyspace 22

46, precision is key in practicing law. misusing a there/their could cause confusion and lose a case.

StillUsesMyspace 22

their/they're** whoops

Fair enough. She should definitely make some kind of plan to educate/refresh herself on precise use of language, but if it's just "oh, darn, I always forget which is which," I still don't think it warrants taking another separate class.

#46-- I think op mentioned the law school to show that the daughter has had a long and expensive education and she should therefore have learned the difference in any one of her 18+ years of schooling.

jaellin 18

Junior high? My six and seven year old.know the difference.

When you're writing up legal documents, it helps to know the difference between a possessive pronoun and a contraction. The question is how she got into law school not knowing the difference.

jazzy_123 20

Chances are if OP gives the followup, she'll say her daughter isn't as dumb as FML thinks or makes it seem.

RedPillSucks 31

@46 If someone uses the wrong word in a legal brief or contract, it could change the entire meaning of what the brief or contract is about.

larrena2377 26

At least she was smart enough to ask!

larrena2377 26

I caught that after I posted and fixed it :)

That's a great point. There is nothing wrong with not knowing/forgetting something. The problem exists when you go on pretending you know what you are talking about. Unfortunately, we all have people we know like this.

mansfield_j 27

Maybe you should change her major

Cause parents can change their child's major. No biggie.

Welcome to America! :D

Lebeaugars95 20


No shit! That's kinda true

AwkwardHaole808 16

Yeah because America is the only country in the world with ignorant people...

one who asks questions is foolish for five minutes, one who doesn't is foolish forever

Wise words. Old Chinese proverb?

im not sure, it was on the wall of my math room in 8th grade. wise words, indeed.

Hopefully she knows the difference between collage and college...

I wonder what her IQ level is...

@29 Your picture frightens me.

I can't help but read any of your comments in Morgan Freeman's voice

badkid91 11

Seeing as how there pronounced differently I would assume she does..

Please tell me that was a joke, 91.

I mean it could be worse....

I'd like to know how she got into law school, and also how she's managing to stay in law school.

HJKM_fml 19

And which one accepted her.

You know I read somewhere that occasionally making grammar mistakes or getting mixed up doesn't make you a total failure at life. Also sometimes in law school they are concerned about things other than very basic grammar.

It doesn't mean you're a failure at life but it can make school difficult. Most of my professors in college and grad school would stop reading a paper if they found more than three spelling or grammar mistakes in that paper. Some would give it an automatic zero, some wouldn't grade it until errors were fixed. Learning to proofread and use language properly is an asset in higher education.

Proper grammar is essential in law school, as it is very writing intensive and challenges your ability to argument effectively. How she got by without even knowing that simple grammar rule is baffling.

I am currently in law school myself, and most professors (not to mention student themselves) automatically dismiss a paper when it has more than say 5 mistakes. It makes them take you less seriously and hence you are judged on those standards - not really a good thing as you can imagine. Of course it's odd that the kid is asking such a basic question at her age, but at least she's asking! I hope she learns better. And honestly - for a moment there, I was just like wait, what? How?

Whoops, students* themselves

whatwhatindayeah 11

who needs education in law when you've got SWAG

Nyarlothatep 12

Would you like fries with that?*