By Anonymous - 12/10/2013 06:19 - United States - Avon

Today, my bitchy co-worker decided that being given a compliment on her shoes is sexual harassment, and worthy of reporting me to our boss over. FML
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Were you ogling her toe cleavage?

What a bitch she is. But if your boss is going to buy her story, i can confidently say that he is an idiot OP.


What a bitch she is. But if your boss is going to buy her story, i can confidently say that he is an idiot OP.

I can't believe that OP's boss would believe her story. Its not like OP said "Your boobs are huge, can I touch them?" OP simply complimented her on her fashion choice.

As per FML history, the boss is always stupid and will rule against OP no matter the situation.

Yes and you are going to be in a lot of hot water all the time. If he does buy it I would start looking for another job after you have done everything to convince him other wise. And if she keeps doing it and he don't you have a good reason to file harassment against her.

She must think you have a foot fetish...

"nice shoes, if they're the only thing you're gonna wear tonight" *winks and licks lips in a creepy fashion*

Haha!! God call.

Aardvark, why the fuck should I call God? I think He's busy anyway.

Were you ogling her toe cleavage?

When a girl has webbing inbetween her toes, it just gets me off.

You are right, #1. You are right.

Jocgre 13

Crazy bitch...

well he said compliment. maybe a compliment to him goes something like, "those shoes look great on you, but they'd look better on my bedroom floor(;" or maybe " the shoes are nice, but they're too close together. oh I know, why don't you lie down and spread those shoes apart(;"

Some people are absolutely rediculous, I suggest talking to your boss about it. Hopefully he will take your side, if not then he is an idiot.

This person is a walking time bomb waiting to go off. Refrain from talking to her in the future unless it is entirely business related.

And another coworker is present who won't take her side.

jw90 18

Does anyone still wear those anymore?

jw90 18

What a bitch. Anything these days can be considered "sexual harassment". It's ridiculous.

Only in the USA actually..

Slap that bitch in the face, with a chair!

Rainhawk94 27

That'll show her!!!