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  Robbieisadowg  |  16

I can't believe that OP's boss would believe her story. Its not like OP said "Your boobs are huge, can I touch them?" OP simply complimented her on her fashion choice.

  Bcfrmkc816  |  17

Yes and you are going to be in a lot of hot water all the time. If he does buy it I would start looking for another job after you have done everything to convince him other wise. And if she keeps doing it and he don't you have a good reason to file harassment against her.

  CocaColaPepsi  |  13

well he said compliment. maybe a compliment to him goes something like, "those shoes look great on you, but they'd look better on my bedroom floor(;" or maybe " the shoes are nice, but they're too close together. oh I know, why don't you lie down and spread those shoes apart(;"