By NotYourCopyEditor - 06/05/2019 22:00

Today, at work, I had to explain to a 50-year-old engineer that Comic Sans is not an acceptable font for a government contractor to use in a structural report. FML
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It’s not an acceptable font for anything.

It’s good for comics.


It should be all Wingdings and emojis.

It’s not an acceptable font for anything.

julfunky 29

That’s not true. It’s perfectly acceptable for an elementary school teacher. It should end at around 3rd grade though.

It’s good for comics.

Gubbon 8

It's not.

Burle 17

Yeah, crush his individuality

In engineering, nobody cares about individuality. Everyone cares about their companies’ perception though. If you start producing work in comic sans, you will be viewed as unprofessional and you won’t win additional work from that client. Engineering communities are pretty tight knit, do something like that and in short order everyone will know and then nobody will want to team with you on a project due to being unprofessional.

TomeDr 24

It’s a popular font because it’s easy to read.