By unengaged - 14/11/2009 18:19 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of six years broke up with me for a girl he's known for less than 72 hours. Why? He wanted someone pure. I lost my virginity to him five years ago. FML
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Ouch. GO date his bestfriends

what a douchebag...HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOU!


Ouch. GO date his bestfriends

Yes, because all marriages last forever. And it just sounds like this guy is being a dick with a dumb excuse for breaking up. If that whole 'pure' thing really bothered him he would have broken up with her a long time ago. He just was done with the relationship.

I'm assuming he meant pure slut

DragonitePaladin 6

contrary to what you think; that's not entirely true. Actually its quite biased. Guy's aren't all like that. There's obviously those who are ass***** but so are there women who are like that. What's sad is that the fraction of all those guys in the world make all guys look bad.

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obviously, the true reason behind this breakup is that she works at subway, made him a amazing sammich and he realized that you make crappy sammiches. Case Solved.

what a douchebag...HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOU!

dudeitsdanny 9

How do you know he doesn't deserve her? maybe there's more to this and it's just an excuse. =) I just hate when people assume that someone doesn't deserve someone else without knowing the person. But if that's the real reason, then yes, he probably doesn't deserve you, OP

dudeitsdanny 9

Double post. My fail.

YOU fail bad now go to bed

he wants someone who cant compare him to someone else in bed so they dont know how bad he is...

hah! good one. OP: lose the guy. you're seriously better off without him. it's just a lame, lame excuse to break up with you.

Op only had one sexual partner and it's was the same bf.

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He just likes them tight that's all. He's a douche though. Fuck being "pure" go do his best friend of something.

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Just because you're not a virgin, that doesn't mean a girl's got a loose vagina. It just sounds like a bad excuse from the guy to me.

Can this stupid myth die already?

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Um ydi for losing your virginity to a jerk. then again fyl...

Virginity is overrated.

KICK HIM IN THE FUCKING BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eliseopwns 22

Falcon kick!

OP, you don't want a guy like that for a boyfriend anyway. Did you not see the signs in 6 years? Next time give more thought to your choice of a partner.

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What world do you live in for your second answer to make ANY sense?

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Meh, you're better off. Any guy who even considers whether his girlfriend is "pure" isn't worth being with.

I wouldn't normally say this, but I think the situation calls for it. Go fuck his friends. Take pictures and send them to him.