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Today, my 25-year-old daughter, who normally doesn't drive, was out using the family car when she came back annoyed and emotional over the "stupid" cars heating being broken. She said no matter how high she turned it up it was still blowing cold air. I checked and it was set to A/C the entire time. FML
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Medical conditions can be a major hindrance to trying to drive. Try driving down the interstate and having your shoulder dislocate while you drive 70 MpH and having to make to to the next rest area before you can relocate your shoulder. Or being so anxious that the person next to you having a bout of road rage sends you into a panic attack. Some people just can't drive, and nor should they.

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Please have your daughter go to driving school.


I laughed at your post, I'm sorry. Anyways, all I can suggest is try to share your knowledge about cars with her and try to teach her as much as you know. Good luck!

Well you solved it yourself. She usually doesn't drive, so it's not like she's going to know everything about the car instantly. Yes, it was a little bit airheady, but just teach her.

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Poor girl, I mean it's an honest mistake for someone that never drives.

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Well now you know she is only allowed to drive May through Sept. Problem solved.

"hey, pal. you just blow in from stupid town?"

Umm... A/C doesn't make the air cold. All it does is condition the air, hence the name "air conditioner". Could simply be that the car hadn't had time to heat the engine before she tried to turn the heater on.

Um, what do you think "condition" means? Does it soften the air? Make it smell nice? Clue: The A/C actually does do absolutely nothing other than cool (and thereby dehumidify) air being blown into the car's ventilation system. When it's on and the controls are set to blow air at your feet or from the dashboard vents, it's just cooling the air to the setting you gave it on the temperature control. The "defrost" setting runs the air through the A/C coils to cool and dehumidify it, then routes it through the heater coils to reheat it, and then directs it though the upper vents in the dashboard toward the windscreen so it can evaporate and absorb the condensation on the inside.

#9, Youre partially correct, but have the cause and effect backwards. AC dehumidifies (and cools) because of the refrigerant that's used...regardless of what temp you set it to. It'll dehumidify if you have the AC running at max cool, or if you have the heat cranked up all the way. Dehumidifiers people in some areas have in their homes also use the same refrigerant found in your car AC system.

You're right. #9 doesn't know what they're talking about.

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Thank you for the well thought out explanation. Useful.

You have a genius on your hands there don't ya?

Could have been worse, if it hadn't been set to A/C that could have been a sign the engine cooling had failed. She may not know a lot about cars, but at least she never blew the engine.

A/C heats up when you have it in heating

I thought OP meant she had it set to "cool air" but used the wording A/C. That would explain the daughter's issue with only getting cold air. When I (and people in my area) say air conditioner, we are referring to the cold air, not the actual AC setting (dehumidifier).

Same here. A/C has always meant cold air where I'm from.