By IcyWinter - 02/04/2014 08:16 - Canada - Winnipeg

Today, I had to tell my daughter that just because markers say "washable", it doesn't mean that you can draw all over our newly-painted walls. She's 15. FML
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Should use the markers to draw over her phone's screen

I fail to see why a 15-year-old would do this...


Should use the markers to draw over her phone's screen

jack_jill05 14

15 year olds don't really have diaries, and if she did she wouldnt tell anyone..

finalyearsofhate 22

but that would just wipe off.. even sharpies come off of glass with a little alcohol.

Yeah, but it'd still be inconvenient as a punishment

A lot of stuff comes off with just a little bit of alcohol..

I fail to see why a 15-year-old would do this...

Axel5238 29

Not necessarily lots of kids end up doing dumb shit regardless what the parents taught them. As you get older it's assumed you know better. Though apparently not, kids taking selfies hanging from trees and smoking pot before going into a court house. I don't think there parents figured they had to say something it's assumed.

Dawnstempest 17

@18 At some age you can no longer blame the parents. Yes, it IS their fault when the kid is a child. But at some age the independence and ability to rationally think for yourself begins to form in a child. When that happens, the child must take responsibility for their actions -- and is no longer a child. Fifteen is about when that starts (though they aren't capable of fully rational thought yet -- hence why we don't allow them to choose marriage at 15, by themselves, in ANY country that has sense).

At #22 sadly, common sense isn't so common anymore.

Axel5238 29

Can't really blame the parent at that age the kid should've known better. Same if the kid was dumb enough to stick something in an outlet at that age or didn't know how to make toast. Lots of dumb kids in videos one of my favorites are the kids drinking flaming shots and his hair or shirt caught fire. If they don't have somethings figured out by the time they are a teen one has to wonder about the person and how they survived that long.

usually if a 15 year old is writing on a wall it is called vandalism. Maybe she thought she could vandalize the wall and get away with it because its washable.

Yes parents have to be strict but still let kids have fun

Do a scan, she may have swallowed a crayon.

yoursucklives 36

Gotta love when your kids 15 going on 3...

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Why would she be making an ad on her own wall in a house.

No offense but unless your daughter is mentally handicapped you might need to get her some help. That's a level of stupid I have never even heard before.

You can see a greater level of stupidity just a few FMLs down - look for the one about bath salts.

Okay but there are levels and ranks to stupid. Like there is doing stupid stuff, then there is just being plain stupid. This is a level of plain stupid that is hard to reach.

How did that seem like a good idea to her?

lexiieeex3 32

Maybe she'll understand how "washable" the markers are when you draw all over her electronics.

was it the walls in her bedroom? she needs an big drawing pad.

She also needs to express her artistic urges by repainting the walls.

A friend did that once in my room..he was 26

Capitan 15

I did that once, 15 years ago though.