By gregoyles - 15/02/2009 09:06 - United States

Today, I saw my male boss holding a purse. Just to be a smart ass, I made fun of him as if the purse was his. It was his. FML
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American "european shoulder bags" looks like lady purses. But shoulder bags are practical. I need my wallet, phone, lighter, cigarets, wipes, tissues, sunscreen (allergic to the sun), power bank, wires, ear plugs and occasionally, beverages (good look finding those at our sand beach that stretches so long you can't see the start or end of it, even by drones). Sand beach = shorts, two pockets.

If he's holdin' a purse, he should be made fun of ;)

Elisabetha Aarron 18

He should be mad fun of for holding a bag???

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I really don't think that man-purse trend will ever take off. Get a briefcase, dudes.

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It's not a purse it's European!

Next time before you make jokes involving your boss: double check! Even if you make fun of him behind his back: always, always double check!

Please tell me you got a fortune cookie earlier that day with the words "Smartass will have dumb ass handed to him on silver platter."

i would start carrying a purse around just to piss him off

Elisabetha Aarron 18

How would that piss him off????

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So? He deserved to be made fun of.