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Today, my dad nearly had a head-on collision with another car, but I grabbed the wheel at the last second, potentially saving both our lives. He spent the rest of the car trip pissed at me because I'd "interfered" with his driving. FML
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Well, it's better to have your dad pissed at you than to be dead! He'll get over it. I don't think he'd get over being dead, though.


ariannaa_fml 17

Maybe he was making a point as to which driver had the bigger balls by seeing who would get out of the way first?

reallytho3 11

And fall out of a moving vehicle and ran over by multiple cars... Tht couldnt POSSIBLY go wrong -.-

jake1632 9

And then I'll show you my penis.

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20- I dont think any of us want to see. But nice try kiddo.

Maybe if it existed he could show someone.

26: Yeah, only Jesus should take the wheel!

Crncj 0

More like interfered with him dieing...

Hop out...? It'd be more dramatic if you jumped out the window and dusted yourself off after impact.

sexylegs17 5

He interfered with your safety , so you have the right to interfere with his driving.

sexylegs17 5

Ok guys I know this is irrelevant, but my twin and I are staying over my friends house and were leaving tomorrow , my friend is mad at me because I didn't fight my mom when she told my twin and I that we were leaving tomorrow, she is mad because when she sleeps over , she stays for like a week and we have only been here for three days. However, the drive from our house to her house is 2 hours, and my mom Is coming down to south jersey anyways so she thought she should pick us up, and my twin and I didn't want to make her drive the two hours again if She's already coming tomorrow. On the other hand , our friends mom has offered to drive us back two days from now because she has work near our home. Please help me out guys , and post a comment , thank you so much (:

juicedboi 7

Shouldn't hijack threads, and my advice is to stop caring so much about unimportant things. If you can't talk your mum yourself, then you wont get what you're after.

Cereal_Is_Good 5

Just don't grab the steering wheel and you should be fine.

83- Just go with your mom.... Moms know best! (:

couldn't of said it any better myself, bro(:

superangryandy 2

Oh shit, this is like Final Destination and Death is angry and will get you back!

Honestly she probably accidentally made him feel less of a man or embarrassed him.

Inspired22 11

Well, it's better to have your dad pissed at you than to be dead! He'll get over it. I don't think he'd get over being dead, though.

IAmNotAnAnimal 9

**** him...just be stoked u saved ur life

ifailplzinsultme 0

Maybe you should hit him in the face ad show him what interferring with his driving really is.

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You did interfere, I'd be pissed to because that embarrassing to.

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Pay attention so you don't get into a head on collision then.

sxe_beast 11

Lets see... Be embarrassed or be dead or seriously injured? Get over yourself douche.

Cereal_Is_Good 5

Dying is pretty embarrassing when it is easily preventable.

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Yeah, that's a very convenient hypothetical... Except that dad apparently had no intention of turning the wheel since the OP only turned the wheel at the last second. Give me a break. dad has done this twice...the first time I kept us from going off a 20ft cliff over the ocean he said he saw it so the second time I let him and we ended up upside-down in a your point is completely invalid in OPs situation

OP could easily be overreacting about what "about to get in an accident" means. The problem is that unless we were there, we cannot know what's really happening. If OP overreacted AT ALL, she did a COLOSSALLY bad thing and placed both of their lives in danger when they otherwise were not. if OP is not overreacting at all, then she did a fine thing. However this is the kind of thing where you need to be ABSOLUTELY SURE before you grab the wheel from another driver. I do not sympathize with the OP at all. Don't touch another driver's wheel.

So #5, let me get this straight. If you were about to die in a collision and you had a chance to save two people's lives, you'd sit there and do nothing so you wouldn't "interfere" with someone's driving? Dumbass.

59- not trying to be obnoxious but they would've saved at least three lives, assuming that there is a driver or passengers in the opposite car...

77- Oh yeah you're right, I didn't think about that. :)

5 - I hope this same situation happens to you.

I did that once... except my girlfriend was driving and a deer was the other car...

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I'm sad also sounds like my dad

u shud hav told him " Well we survived didnt we!"

superangryandy 2

When i moved to county from the china I had better English than you.

fallingstarsxox 8

No, but it's an English website and people should be literate and not write in text talk.

why the hell would anyone dislike this comment

TalkinSmack 6

You interfered with his untimely death! How could u? Geez

Was this on the 84 going west late last night? Because I had the same thing happen to me.

You and your dad are lucky to be alive. FYL for getting bitched out. :(