By not as easy as pie - 16/10/2015 16:03 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I had to explain to a police officer that I wasn't drunk and had swerved because I was eating pie and almost dropped it. FML
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Could the pie not have waited till you got home?


what flavor was the pie?

pie flavour!

I don't know if that was an asdf video reference or not.

redhead_sprhro 10

I assumed it was one of those apple pies from McDonald's

paravoz 30

it was a creampie

Aw you beat me too it! hah

and DO NOT forget the pie this time Sammy!

mariri9206 32

my thoughts exactly!

oh my god yes

*Sam walks in* *still no pie*

Damnit! you beat me to it too!

Could the pie not have waited till you got home?

SystemofaBlink41 27

Have you ever eaten pie? Then you know what the answer is.

Cake is better.

SystemofaBlink41 27

True, but pie is still great.

Pie never waits. It's pie.

How can it be! Its a cream pie!

Stop blaspheming, 14. Stop it.

Pie is far beyond cake its in a whole nother league!

How can one wait two eat what they love

the cake is a lie, but not the pie.

I love eating while driving to be honest. And i'm from a country where we use gears.

Did you offer the officer some? Reckless little OP?

Hopefully the pie was worth the possible trouble it got you into

Mossyoak_kw 28

It's pie, of course it was worth it!!

You are an idiot! So eating a pie is more important than safe driving. Genius.

Let me spell out a word for you, s-a-r-c-a-s-m. Once you learn it I'm sure you'll understand the comment section much better! :)

In reality it's called facetious ;-; rip sarcasm nobody knows what you really are. Not that the comment was either of the two.

I can actually relate to your comment as it is something that i would also post. But understand that acting like an asshole will not get you likes. Fun fact of the day: the capital of Somalia is mogadishu

Was the pie good, though?

deftones_fml 19

Any type of pie can't wait

Must have been some of mama's blueberry pie.

heftysmash253 6

Did you give him/her a pie-ce of your mind?

Ok man so the word has to atleast sound right... cant just be the spelling.. So do better next time..