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  CrassKal  |  27

I don't think this deserves down votes. Society tends to look down on men for appearing emotional. The only "acceptable" feelings to present being happiness and anger. Perhaps OP's father is unclear on how to express himself, and since he can't be happy became angry. He then needed a reason for his anger, so he chose money and labeled fixing the debt as a means of dealing with his grief/anger.

By  smathers44  |  18

That is very selfish of him OP. I'm really sorry to hear that. He should be helping you and your grandmother through the loss. And I'm sorry for the loss of your grandpa.

  tabbycat2007  |  22

10, I bet there's a cat causing all of this! A cat probably killed OP's grandfather, and then convinced OP's dad to harass grandma for the money. Evil, evil feline!

By  VoldooPed  |  20

The OPs dad may not necessarily have no heart. The dad and grandpa may not have had a great relationship. They could have fallen out ages ago, and never made up. The granddad may have been awful to his son or vice versa. There's not enough information to judge anybody here.

  smackaroonial  |  20

I agree. it may even be the amount of money too. If someone owed me a couple thousand dollars, I would want my money too. Although I would definitely wait for a bit after their death to hound their widow.

  amazed_71  |  14

True. However, he now wants to go after the grieving grandmother to recover his funds. How about allowing a little time for recovery before starting collections?