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Today, my boyfriend and I were discussing sports injuries, and I mentioned that I pulled a muscle in my crotch last year. He snorted and called me a clueless idiot because according to him, "girls don't have crotches". He's a med student. I sense malpractice lawsuits in our future. FML
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He might be confusing "crotch" with "****". He must be terrible at spelling.

Fireashes250 16

He probably thinks that a crotch is just male genitals. Still pretty dumb to think about, HE'S A MED STUDENT.


He might be confusing "crotch" with "****". He must be terrible at spelling.

If this all happened in writing then it probably woulda been bad handwriting rather than spelling.

michaelaranda 28

Hes not confusing anything. Girls dont have crotches, they have cooties.

K410 18

I better hope he isn't practicing to be a gynaecologist.

54 - you think if a girl pulls a muscle in her groin she sees a gynaecologist? you're as confused as OP...

76, I think he was referring to the fact that op's bf doesn't think girls have crotches.

I've never heard doctors use that term to describe genitals anyway

AnOriginalName 19

Unfortunately, I know several people like that, especially people who aspire to join the medical field in the future. They can memorize a textbook perfectly well, but they completely lack "common" sense.

Jake_Hale 7

Stupid? Wait...women have crotches? ... I need a drink.

#17: I'm betting you've never even seen one. Everything begins to make sense.

Jake_Hale 7

I'm obviously being sarcastic... Sheesh

bethers_ 22

As a med student myself, I can concur that I have seen and heard some pretty stupid things. Don't be surprised!

Why is everyone calling him stupid when the narrator called her groin injury a crotch injury. Crotch isn't even a medical term. It is slang. He should be posting about how stupid his girlfriend is.

Using slang doesn't change your anatomy. Just because she didn't use a proper medical term doesn't mean she doesn't have one. Oh, and she's not the med student so perhaps we can forgive her terminology?

Another trend is claiming to be a 'med student' in your freshman year of college. Taking Biology 100 and aiming towards medicine does NOT a med student make.

Fireashes250 16

He probably thinks that a crotch is just male genitals. Still pretty dumb to think about, HE'S A MED STUDENT.

Yes but being a med student doesn't necessarily mean he has to know slang/colloquial terms for the genitals. Just the proper medical terms.

@94 I don't know about you, but I prefer my doctors to have COMMON SENSE. "Crotch" is as much of a slang term as "armpit", and if doctors aren't required to know what those are either, we're screwed.

perdix 29

#4, people dating medical students often hang on like pitbulls in the hopes they will get the lifestyle of the doctor's spouse. It's like hitting the lottery and becoming royalty all at once.

Or, perhaps she actually really likes her boyfriend despite his crotch mess up..

imtooshy 18

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Yes the only way to prove OP is correct is by showing him her crotch. She probably has more wits and self respect than that.

imtooshy 18

Pretty sure everyone but her bf knows she's correct, it's called sarcasm for **** sakes.

I'm pretty sure he knows girls have crotches, he just doesn't know they are called that.

Bloodjoker 11

Sounds like someone cheated off the Asian kid :-P

Bloodjoker 11

Apparently the moderators are racist against Asians lol or can't tell the difference between stereotypes and general comedy lol

The_9th_Doctor 18

well I know one Doctor I'm not going to.

I must admit the 9th Doctor is probably one of the only Doctors I'd go to ;)

Calling someone a "clueless idiot," whether they're right or wrong, is a rude thing to do. To say that to your gf is a jerk thing to do. Now couple that with him actually being the clueless idiot. OP, keep an eye on this one. I won't say drop him over one idiotic thing, but be aware of patterns. If he tends to be cruel and stupid, do you really want him a part of your future? I wouldn't even want him as my doctor.

I find it perfectly valid and appropriate to call clueless idiots "clueless idiots". But then, I'm kind of a bastard.