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Today, my boyfriend and I were discussing sports injuries, and I mentioned that I pulled a muscle in my crotch last year. He snorted and called me a clueless idiot because according to him, "girls don't have crotches". He's a med student. I sense malpractice lawsuits in our future. FML
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  AnOriginalName  |  19

Unfortunately, I know several people like that, especially people who aspire to join the medical field in the future. They can memorize a textbook perfectly well, but they completely lack "common" sense.

  asparagus12  |  21

Why is everyone calling him stupid when the narrator called her groin injury a crotch injury. Crotch isn't even a medical term. It is slang. He should be posting about how stupid his girlfriend is.

  lysx84  |  24

Using slang doesn't change your anatomy. Just because she didn't use a proper medical term doesn't mean she doesn't have one. Oh, and she's not the med student so perhaps we can forgive her terminology?

  roadie42  |  21

@94 I don't know about you, but I prefer my doctors to have COMMON SENSE. "Crotch" is as much of a slang term as "armpit", and if doctors aren't required to know what those are either, we're screwed.

  perdix  |  29

#4, people dating medical students often hang on like pitbulls in the hopes they will get the lifestyle of the doctor's spouse. It's like hitting the lottery and becoming royalty all at once.

By  imtooshy  |  18

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By  snerfle  |  5

Calling someone a "clueless idiot," whether they're right or wrong, is a rude thing to do. To say that to your gf is a jerk thing to do. Now couple that with him actually being the clueless idiot.

OP, keep an eye on this one. I won't say drop him over one idiotic thing, but be aware of patterns. If he tends to be cruel and stupid, do you really want him a part of your future? I wouldn't even want him as my doctor.