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Today, my nutjob girlfriend dumped me for refusing to stop talking to my best friend, just because she's a woman. Before she left, my now-ex decided to punish me by destroying the dissertation I've spent months working on, along with both backups of it. FML
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I'm sure you could find a way to sue her sorry ass. I'm sorry op but women like this need to grow the **** up or stay single and not procreate.


Op get your best friend to **** her up! She act like a bitch she gonna get ****** up like one!

Haha good job finding the ONE bright side

#49 the bright side is that he doesn't have to deal with her crazy ass anymore!

I'm not sure if this would work, but try restoring your computer to a previous period of time. Try entering the date before "the incident"

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I agree with #86. Try restoring to a previous date and see if that works. If not... I would possibly have to murder that crazy *****...

Restoring to a previous date will not work. That option is only there in case the operating system gets messed up. You will need a third party data recovery software.

OP can probably get his stuff back for free and without much trouble, as long as his gf wasn't more than averagely tech-savvy. HOW: Download a program called "Recuva". I've used it myself to recover deleted files. It's a free download, and it's pretty simple to use. I'm sure other quality recovery tools are also available for free, if Recuva won't work. WARNING: Don't download anything else till you have your stuff back! "Deleting" doesn't actually get rid of stuff, it just marks that stuff as "okay to write overtop", and once it's been written overtop, it's extremely unlikely to be recoverable.

#103 It's a scientific work you need to write to achieve a doctoral degree. You usually need around two years for that: First you have to do some sort of study or experiment, and then write several hundred pages about it.

It's more than doctoral. Majority of degrees in a lot of countries require a dissertation. Usually a 10,000 word independent project

#149: I would be extremely surprised if anyone anywhere these days is seriously attempting to write, edit, and backup their dissertation strictly without a computer. That shit is enough work already without rewriting or retyping hundreds of pages every time you revise your draft.

Wow, that's dedication to screwing you over OP.

FYL OP . I would get the cops involved .

Unless the dissertation was physical, I don't really see how the cops could get involved. Unfortunately, there's also little ways to get retribution without fear of legal consequence.

You can still sue if someone destroys your data. I hope so at least.

I'm sure you could find a way to sue her sorry ass. I'm sorry op but women like this need to grow the **** up or stay single and not procreate.

You should. That is insane. A person does not have the right to destroy your life's work because she breaks up with you.

That woman is a nuthead. Seriously. What a dangerous person! Get away ASP! Aso, sue her.

I hate to say it, but men can behave the exact same way if their girlfriend has a best friend who is male. Jealousy is not gender specific.

It's a long essay, usually required for a doctorate in physiology. A simple Google search could have answered that tho.

I don't know if "essay" is an appropriate term, considering that most dissertations are tens of thousands of words, with upwards of 10 chapters.

Oh and #11, I believe the word you were looking for is probably "philosophy" not "physiology". But anyway, dissertations are generally for Masters degrees, whereas for a PhD they're generally referred to as a thesis. (I believe, something to do with the length I think.)

probably something you'll never have to worry about writing..

#48 you've got that backwards. Dissertation for a PhD, thesis for masters. It has to do with length, impact, and a number of studies/topics covered. A thesis is usually 1 central idea, while a dissertation can cover multiple ideas. I'm writing my dissertation right now. If anyone did this to me, I'd be in jail for assault. Or in a ball on the floor crying.

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Assault? I would skip straight to murder.

#78 I'm only writing a thesis right now and even if someone destroyed that I would probably have a meltdown! Good luck with your Dis and make a couple more copies, just to be safe!!

Guys, there's more than one country commenting here, not just the US. In the UK, many undergrad students write dissertations for their degrees. In general, PhDs here require a thesis.

#78, #127 has it right. Where I am in the UK, your undergraduate work is called a dissertation (although for undergrads, we often use both dissertation and thesis interchangeably). A PhD is referred to as a thesis.

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Why the hell did so many people dislike his question? Answer his question if you know it and move on...

Asses aren't smart they just talk a lot of shit.

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Maybe because it was asked a few comments above. Maybe the should have read the comments before asking.

Depending on the state, you maybe able to press charges for destroying intellectual property. It may be worth looking into.

While the advice is good, don't assume everyone is from the US. OP is from Australia.

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@32 Don't assume if someone mentions states that they're talking about the USA. At least google it before you try and correct someone.

@90: No, Australia is not 'technically a state'. It's a country, and continent, with its own states and territories.

Isn't your girlfriend supposed to be your best friend?

You should have friends outside of your significant other, he may have been friends with this girl before he met his girlfriend so it wouldn't be fair to his friend to start being less of a friend just because he had a girlfriend.

I'm saying that his best friend that is a girl should be his girlfriend

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#7 people are allowed to have friends of the opposite sex without being in a relationship. Most of my best friends are guys and I've never thought of dating any of them

are you that crazy girlfriend in the said fml?

I'm a female and most of my close friends are male, the thought of being in a relationship with any of them has never crossed my mind.... Ever

Try to look into data recovery options, I hope you get your dissertation back.

you can pay people who are pretty much experts on recovering data. He should look into that.

Or you can google it and do it yourself for much cheaper.

For something so important, I would rather go straight to a professional while there's still a chance than screw it up and lose it forever.

OP could go to a professional and pay out of pocket then sue his ex to recover the cost. He'd be pretty much100% guaranteed to recover at least that and I'll bet he'd get more if he felt like tacking on emotional damages due to stress.

Holy shit, that bitch be cray. At least you're free