By Kimmiko - Germany
Today, I was driving on the motorway when a cop car made me stop. It was a routine check and when they said "Have you been drinking?" of course I said no. To that, my 6 year old sitting in the back screamed "Yes she did! She's lying I saw her drink!" I had drunk a milkshake. FML
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  Metzler31  |  17

Whenever my parents were pulled over by the police, they told us just to sit quietly and not talk (for reasons like this). This kid needs to be taught a lesson for contradicting his dad/mom(?) like that.

  Marcella1016  |  31

It's drunk. Use of the word "had" means u you use the past participle of "to drink"

I drank a milkshake
I have drunk a milkshake
He has drunk a milkshake
I had drunk a milkshake

Look it up. I hate when people correct others and are wrong.

On a related note, the kid in this FML is a helpful little bastard, isn't he?

  SadNemo  |  0

Oh yeah, me too. But if I was this guy I would have turned around and asked, "What did I drink?" and the kid definitely wouldn't say alcohol. They would have said a milkshake. But I guess the OP didn't think of that.

  missalkali  |  8

maybe he did think of that, and did exactly that. that doesn't take away from the fact the it causes a really awkward situation when your kid says that. just cuz the situation is rectified doesn't mean you can't post it on FML