By Babs - United States - Rancho Cucamonga
Today, I did a bike ride and run with a gent I'm serious about. On the run, I had a big lead until he passed me up saying, "I'm going to marry you." Puzzled that he would propose and then sprint away leaving me trailing, he clarified at the finish. His words: "I'm going to bury you." FML
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By  DocBastard  |  38

Sorry to say, but he must not like you very much. If he were seriously interested, he would have let you win.

  Welshite  |  39

#3: Are you kidding? When I race a girl, I make sure she loses. That way I get to show off my physical athleticism and can comfort her after her loss. It's a win-win.

At least, it's what I would do if I ever got the chance. *weeps*

  gracehi  |  31

I hate it when men *let* me win at anything. It's one thing if I beat you at something I'm good at, but don't deliberately and obviously do realy poorly at something I suck at. It insinuates that you think I'm such an immature person that I can't handle losing a silly game.

  Rallred32  |  20

When I race a girl, I make sure I win. I mean, do you know how many guys would make fun of you for that? A lot. And then afterwards, I could comfort her by going on a date.

  xBethanyC  |  15

I don't like people letting me win. Once I was playing pool with a guy and I noticed he was letting me win, so I stayed being overwhelmingly sarcastically awful. then he started doing the same. It became a battle of who could lose worse, which was surprisingly fun

By  CarbonCoach  |  11

Sorry to say but I really can't understand, someone care to explain step by step what happened. Was s/he shocked that he was going to propose? Gent means gentleman right or just guy? I'm lost...

  AyeJay101  |  25

It's possible, but what if OP said it in a pissy way and he tried to play it off as a joke to not have OP pissed.

Too bad, it would've been cute if something like "I'll marry you if you beat me" was said :)