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Today, a guy in a fancy car tailed me for twenty minutes, just so he could take a picture of my license plate and tell me there's a $300 fine for flicking cigarette ashes out your window. FML
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You should have used that time to get his license plate to report him for tailgating

Should have slammed on the brakes and busted that fancy car.


Well Canada is filled with people who do good deeds

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@10: you're picture is so politically incorrect it burns.

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Ur not supposed to be able to send in pics of tags. It can't be proved u did it n he isn't supposed to use a phone n drive. That's dangerous

If I can molest a camel, why can't people use the phone while driving? Sheesh.

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Why were you flicking ashes out your car? That guy is messed up if he would do that for such a dumb reason

^ Why would you make a completely irrelevant response to #1's post?

Haha. I see what you did there. ***Insert rim shot here.***

You should have used that time to get his license plate to report him for tailgating

OP said 'tailed' as in followed. Not 'tailgated'

way to get shaving cream in your pic!

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I'm guessing you'd have to get pretty damn close to take a picture of the license plate, so he'd probably have to follow her really closely. Following too close can get you a ticket.

If it took twenty minutes and he was able to tell OP what he was doing, they had probably stopped by then.

That's very hypocritical. Perhaps you should tell the guy that there is a $500 fine for multitasking whilst driving and tailgating. People should practice what they preach; especially if they're going to be a tell tale.

Yeah, maybe he is a hypocrite. But does anyone else think this just weird for a guy to follow people around and trying to piss them off? He should mind his own business and stop worrying about littering biodegradable material... He obviously doesnt have a wife or anything...

I don't understand how so many people are having trouble understanding what happened here. The person was tailed until they reached a destination 20 minutes away so the guy could take a photo and tell him about the fine. He didn't take it behind him and then yell really really loudly so that the message got through...

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Am I the only one who realized the guy in the fancy car was a cop? off-duty cop maybe. Don't assume. Some people are just nosy dicks.

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I generally try not to assume. it just seems to me that the fine would be pretty uncommon knowledge for most. It seems to me like OP was trying to make "I got pulled over for throwing a cigarette out the window" more interesting. I very well could be wrong.

128- I knew that it was an assumption, but tailing someone to a designated area would be considered as stalking and that can be taken to court

148- A cop wouldn't wait 20 minutes for someone to stop, they'd just pull them over to give a ticket.

165 - Tailing someone for 20 minutes is not stalking. You can't say someone was stalking you for 20 mins. It's just not a long enough time I be considered stalking.

who cares if she has shavung cream in her pic?

Should have slammed on the brakes and busted that fancy car.

"Oh shit, I thought there was a deer!"

Because that's what I do when someone is going in the same general direction as me. ******* assholes, that'll learn em. Who do they think they are trying to drive to a similar location? Pigs.

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135 - "That'll learn em". LEARN EM? FFS, if you're going to be sarcastic, make it clean and intelligent. You just sounded like some stupid hick.

136, Then I was successful in my goal. Thanks.

i bet you the guy following OP was driving a prius

nah, i figured someone who drives a prius is the type of green person that would take time out of their day to do something ridiculous like that. i guess some people would call them "fancy" because they aren't cheap

hey! That's a real issue where I am from, cause multiple large fires every summer, people die and homes, pets and wild animals are lost. All because some ******* smoker thinks they have a right to litter the ground as well and the air! OP should learn from this a use the built in ashtray or shell out 3 bucks to buy one!! And to stop any argument, no I am not some tree hugging hippy, but I have suffered the aftermath of some self centered dicks thoughtless actions.

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Let OP worry about their own lungs, mind your business

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Your one of the judgmental asshole's lol. Live great die young how I live my life!!

Don't be offended by some simple advice to stop smoking. Bitch.

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112- I don't think death from addictive chemicals that destroy your body counts as living great. But I guess if thats what living great is for you, I'm living the best ******' life ever.

133- Great, so enjoy it and quit preaching

133 - Guess what? The sun can give you cancer, are to going to hide in a closet for the rest of your life? Diet soda has been linked to cancer, why isn't there pictures of rotting livers on the cans like surgeons general warnings? I can get thumbed down all I want, but you all are being hypocrites. And OP, sucks for you that there's a fine or something so trivial.

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191- As far as I know the sun doesn't make me chemically dependent on it. And my first comment wasn't about some deep hatred for cigarettes. I don't smoke cigarettes and nor do I mind them, but living a great life doesn't mean death by chemicals that provide temporary relief. We could argue all day about destructive and non-destructive recreational drugs, but in the end they shouldn't define your life. And flicking ashes out your window shouldn't be reason for a $300 fine, I think the person following the OP confused that for throwing your entire cigarrete butt out the window.

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191, the sun also provides you with vitamins that are good for you, and to the diet soda thing.. Who the **** likes diet soda, that after taste is worse then kissing a life long smoker.

206 people who are worried about how they look like diet soda but the jokes on them diet soda doesn't do anything better for you then regular soda

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People who are worried about their looks should drink soda to begin with.

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Ah, you're one of those pricks who can't mind his own business and thinks he's better than we are. Piss off. Go play doctor somewhere else.

Tell him there's a 310 dollar fine for being a the ticket then get mcdonalds. With the extra 10

...say such a fine existed. You wouldn't get the money. Example: I tell a guy he's speeding. I can't make him pay me a fine or write him a ticket.

Okay I can admit when I'm wrong you got me there

And impersonating an officer is a felony offense. Even if he was undercover, he wouldn't see any of the money for himself. That'd be bribery. Just a bad idea altogether.

111- Just to be a bigger dick, I would like to say you forgot to put a period after wrong... and at the end.

134 If I wanted to be a dick I could say you put three periods after wrong.

Plus you can't start a sentence with *and* even if you could it's not capitalized. Just so you know.

Okay, I dont want to go physco and throw a chair at you and then break one of the legs of it off and beat you with it until you bleed and I feed your blood to a stray cat as I hang your skull on the wall of people that pisses me off. But im not a grammar nazi, so i apologize for mistakenly correcting you with incorrect grammar.

76 the way he said it he said for the op to pay the 300$ fine and with the ten extra bucks he didn't have to pay for not being a stalker go to McDonald's but the last place I would want to go after paying a fine it mcdonalds

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Don't pollute the earth with your cigarette ashes

Im pretty sure cigerette ashes are biodegradable(not sure if spelled that correctly) its the filter buds that we should worry about throwing away.

They're biodegradable too. Cotton and paper mostly.

Plus they look so nice!!! Who wouldn't want cigarette butts everywhere?

They're tossing the ashes into the road, not the cigarette butts.

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Ashes are better to flick out than gum. Ashes are biodegradable, and quick, gum takes years.

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Is this a joke? They are f*cking ashes, they disintegrate in the wind and/or rain. By this logic anyone who's ever had a campfire is "polluting". STFU

The earth creates forest fires on its own from extreme heat followed by a lightning strike, and that forest fire that the earth produced creates ASHES

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ashes are biodegradable. It's the butts that are not. your point is moot

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That's how so many wildfires get started so yeah YDI

Yeah, it's a real drag, and anyone who starts probably deserves a hit. It's amazing the way many smokers are led ashtray into believing that the possible evils of smoking won't happen to them. It's foolish, to create that kind of a smokescreen against your own, rational mind. Butt, continuing to smoke when you know that it DOES partially paralyze your throat, well, that's just scillia.

if there's even enough brush/woods around to start a forest fire. which unfortunately there isn't in a lot of places anymore. either way it's stupid to flick ash/cigarettes out your window. there's ashtrays in cars for a reason and flicking a whole cigarette out the window is technically littering

cilia* Sorry, Cad. Please don't tar my hide. I tried to filter myself.

First off.. Most new cars don't have ashtrays.. Both of mine don't. Ashes don't start fires.. Butts do. And even tho I choose not to smoke, you all shouldn't be throwing stones. I'm sure every smoker knows the risk so get off your arrogant horses already.

Doc, there is no reason to tar your hide when I have my own. I enjoy slathering myself in tar.

No no, tar and the tar and filter in a cigaret... Nevermind. Too subtle, I suppose.

Ah, it took me awhile, but I only got that after I wrote my comment. It was in fact well worded, not too subtle, but the pun worked so well with your statement that it was hard to distinguish it as a pun.

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I guess ignorance is bliss. Not every smoker is proud that they smoke. Most wish the never started and preach against smoking. Hating on smokers only adds to the bountiful hate already existing everywhere.

85- I love how you just assume you're smarter than any smoker. I know 2 graduate students, one law student, surprisingly a premed student, and a guy that got a bachelors in mathematics with a 3.9 GPA that smoke (working on a masters). Get off the horse please, it's not about how smart you are.

Anyone that complains about people smoking are "killing themselves" better not drink, eat fatty foods and be in perfect condition, otherwise piss off. We all know that everything in life is bad for you. Get off the horses. Side note: Canada in spring is wet do very low chance of forest fire.

Its canada. When have you ever heard of a wildfire in canada?

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Why does the fancy car matter?

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For descriptive purposes I assume...

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Was that quagmire who said that to peter..

I love how the replays to this guy get more likes then his comment