By ShylaMarie - 14/02/2012 22:29 - Canada

Today, I had to chase my naked brothers around my house for twenty minutes, trying to get them to take a bath, all while they were chasing my best friend around yelling, "IT'S WIENER TIME!" FML
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I love the image in my head. How hilarious!

Wiener time is my favourite time!


I love the image in my head. How hilarious!

1-I will agree, incredibly funny, but that's probably illegal in most states or countries.

I don't think that's illegal.. What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business and your business only.

Damn the Naked Brothers Band

The image in my head is accompanied with the benny hill theme song.

3 you are dumb

Just as illegal as imagining changing your future kids's diapers... OH SNAP! I DIDN'T... *handcuffs clicking* FUUU

Your picture is more illegal

I wouldn't mind having this happen to me. That is if a couple of small changes were made: my friend's siblings were sisters they were a bit older (I'm assuming the boys in this story are like 7 or younger); 16-30 would be a-ok it wasn't wiener time

Loooooooool I love you that's to fricken funny

Bet you like them six year olds...

This could be really awkward for you and your friend.

Ya seriously! How old is the brother? And he's talking like that?

They sound like future rapist!

Step Brothers 2?

Did your brothers manage to catch up with your friend? ;)

Maybe her friend should have yelled "STOP! HAMMER TIME!" While chasing them back to the shower. (:

Maybe her friend ran and never went back there again...

Practicing to pick up at such a young age. wish them the best :)

Maybe they're so young/innocent that they think it's just funny to scare people away with it

Strange brothers you have there. At least this will be a story you can tell your nieces or nephews one day. You could also use it as blackmail in the future, OP.

Sounds like something out of an American Pie movie.

Wiener time is my favourite time!


Ya you don't sound slutty whatsoever. And you're how old young lady?

she was probably kidding dude . damn! judgmental freak, much?

43- what she likes to do with her body is her decision. One who has sex isn't a slut, it just means she likes sex. Those who boast it in the public are sluts.

So.... It's not adventure time?):

guy-"What time is it?" girl-"WEINER TIME!!!!"

Best time of the day :P next to breakfast....and lunch......and second lunch.......and dinner......or any food time...:P

Well are you in luck!

ya weiner time is the best time

Cuz ur a hoe ;)

I can tell... No jkjk I'm not that mean

Starting out young. Nice.

Pedo Bear approves

Age is incredibly necessary in this FML.. Maybe they were 17, you never know

Really so she is chaseing her 17 year old brothers around to give them a bath really

Exactly, lol. It's nowhere near relevant. Just enjoy the FML, it's just fucking text! Get over it "won't somebody think of the children?!!!one11!!" people! :/

How can u not guess how they wud be honestly use ur brain why in hell wud they be 17

Well why don't you use your fucking brain and realize not every situation is normal. Maybe they are 17 years old and mentally handicapped, in which case they don't know any better. Don't be so single minded 29 & 66, dumb fucks.

67- I completely agree with you. Although on a side note if they were mentally handicapped then it would negate the need for an age irregardless. Though it woul be amusing if it actually was 15 yo brothers. Haha.

Or they just wanted to have some fun :)

I can't see why any girl would have to give her 17 year old brothers a bath even if they were mentally handicapped. But I can see your argument. Partly.

73...Irregardless is not a word. Please don't use it as if it is.

Does it really take 20 minutes to catch a couple of naked kids? How fast ARE they?!

Maybe they are covered in grease so they won't get caught easily

Like greased up deaf guy. "you'll never catch me!"

"I'm touching all the candy!" (;

Well, think of a penis as a spoiler.......

Don't you mean how slow are you?

No clothes = great aerodynamics. Don't let your clothes hold you back from wiener catching...

I'm guessing they're between 10 and 13. Young kids are fast, especially when naked. Plus there's two of them. My strategy would be to get to my friend first and then trap them in the closet.

Plus if they are young. They have no body hair which means no friction from hair. So they are faster.